I woke up in an alternative reality where the world is completely empty – I even spent five days onboard a ghost ship

I woke up in an alternative reality where the world is completely empty – I even spent five days onboard a ghost ship

A BAFFLED bloke has claimed he woke up in an alternate reality that looks just like our world but is completely empty with no people around.

Kilmaru shared his unbelievable discovery online and has since gone on to explore his new planet and even spent five days onboard a ghost ship all by himself.

YouTube/@kilmaruytA baffled bloke claims he woke up and was in an alternate universe where he is the only person on Earth[/caption]

Videos show supermarkets, restaurants and shops completely stocked up as normal but with no shoppers, diners or staff in sightYouTube/@kilmaruyt

One of the most unbelievable videos shows Kilmaru exploring a huge cruise ship all by himselfInstagram/@kilmaruig

This ‘new reality’ has existed for over two years for social media star KilmaruYouTube/@kilmaruyt

His bonkers videos claim to show a very normal looking world we are all used to seeing but in a completely different reality as he is the only person alive.

The eerie clips – which have got a ludicrous number of views – show famous landmarks usually overcrowded with people and horribly cramped spots across the world soulless with no oe nearby.

From the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the streets of London, Kilmaru has filmed all of his solo adventures in broad daylight for his fans to witness.

Even the bustling New York City subway was empty when he went to visit.

The apparent journey to an alternate reality all started over two-years-ago when Kilmaru posted his first video to TikTok of his situation.

The video opens up with Kilmaru filming from his hotel room after a long nap and the streets are empty as he pans out of his window.

Captioned “I am very scared…” the clip now has over 26million views.

The puzzled man then ventures outside and films more empty streets before he goes inside restaurants, supermarkets and even a McDonald’s.

Despite there being no people around, all of the stores are full as normal with products and fresh food.

Kilmaru then says “nobody replies my messages or pick up the phone”.

Before saying: “I have never been this scared in my life. Please help me.”

Since that first clip, Kilmaru has posted hundreds of videos with the exact same results – no people in sight.

The comments are always flooded with people debating what is actually going on and trying to figure out where on earth the social media star has ended up.

He even gave the people in his comments the opportunity to name places he could visit to find people in his ‘quest to return to normality’.

All of his updates on the ‘alternate universe’ get posted to his thriving social media accounts.

Boasting over four million followers on TikTok, almost 800,000 on Instagram and thousands of YouTube subscribers Kilmaru has managed to build up an army of viewers.


One of his most fascinating trips came when a viewer told him to go to Berlin airport to try and escape his reality but it went wildly wrong.

According to a viral video by Kilmaru, he fell asleep in the airport lounge and when he woke up was onboard a haunting ghost ship all alone.

Footage from his journey out at sea shows abandoned rooms, empty and moulding swimming pools and a menacing arcade room on the mammoth yacht.

Labelling it a “nightmare” Kilmaru spent six days on the ship before jumping into a lifeboat and safely sailing back to land.

Once he made it back, he started exploring more places all over again as the world around him had apparently remained desolate.


Despite the hundreds of videos of the alternate reality Kilmaru lives in his situation doesn’t seem too realistic to many.

Some have tried to explain his chilling situation in various different ways.

One speculated he was simply playing an alternative reality video game and filming what he sees.

As others decided he must be apart of a TV crew and is simply filming what he sees on various sets after the cameras cut.

But one clever tech whizz claims to have solved the mystery once and for all.

They said: “Based on the videos that I have seen on the channel, it appears that Kilmaru is using a combination of editing techniques and special effects to create the illusion of an empty world.

“One possible technique used in these videos is called ‘crowd duplication’, which involves filming a location with a crowd present and then duplicating and removing the people in post-production.

“This can create the impression that the location is deserted while maintaining a sense of realism.”

Whereas others are still urging him to speak in his videos or show himself so they can investigate it even more and really uncover the truth.

Although since his journey started Kilmaru has now seemingly discovered an impenetrable wall similar to a galactic force field.

Meaning he is confined inside one empty city for the time being with no friends around.

The ghost ship was empty onboardInstagram/@kilmaruig

Even a usually bustling McDonald’s restaurant was completely emptyYouTube/@kilmaruyt

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