Horror moment driver is thrown from his car like a rag doll as it flips and barrel rolls down beach in horror crash

Horror moment driver is thrown from his car like a rag doll as it flips and barrel rolls down beach in horror crash

THIS is the terrifying moment a driver is thrown from a high-speed car like a rag doll as it barrel rolls down a beach in a horror crash.

Bizarre footage shows the man zigzagging along the shore before losing control of his vehicle as it rolls over several times.

The moment the 4×4 appears to catch an edge and begins to roll along the sandJam Press Vid

Jam Press VidThe driver is thrown high in the sky like a rag doll as his car barrel rolls into the water[/caption]

After spinning several times mid-air, the man then falls into the waterJam Press Vid

The 34-year-old immediately gets to his feet and walks off towards the sandJam Press Vid

The driver is then seen being thrown high into the air like a crash test dummy, flipping countless times before splashing into the sea next to his overturned Toyota.

But the 34-year-old then miraculously gets to his feet and, aside from a slight limp, seems uninjured.

He appears to walk off his aches and pains, stumbling onto the beach.

The driver then sits on the sand as several beachgoers go over to check on him.

The one behind the camera appears to let out a laugh after watching the dramatic scenes unfold.

The shocking video was filmed at Abu Hasaniya Public Beach near Kuwait City in Kuwait on Saturday.

Fire services were called to the scene to remove the Toyota FJ Cruiser from the water, Need To Know reports.

Officials at the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate have also reportedly seized the vehicle.

It’s unclear if the driver will be facing any punishment for the beach incident.

People were left fuming at the man’s reckless stunt, with one user saying: “He didn’t have his safety belt on, it’s like giving a kid a knife as a toy.”

Another commented: “What kind of idiot drives on the beach? Third class mentality.”

“And he now celebrates his birthday twice,” a third wrote.

Someone said: “It was a test of the ejection feature.”

And another joked: “10/10 for the dismount, 7.5/10 for the landing.”

Meanwhile, in the UK, a speeding Mercedes crashed into a garage and sent bricks flying.

But three of its doors then miraculously open as several teens stumble out of the smoking wreckage.

The white A-class spun out of control as it appeared to race down the residential street.

Ploughing into a garage, the crash sent bricks flying into the air as the motor careened around into the driveway.

That’s when several teens get out of the wrecked vehicle as three of its doors opened.

One of them, a man in a white t-shirt, appears to stagger over to the road before collapsing on the ground.

A woman from the house rushes over to help and a passerby also joins them before a third kind stranger runs to their aid.

Two teens – the driver and a passenger – were taken to hospital but miraculously survived the collision.

Shocked beachgoers go check on the driver as he made his way out of the waterJam Press Vid

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