Everyone can see the cakes – but you have 20/20 vision & high IQ if you can spot the four faces in 12 seconds

Everyone can see the cakes – but you have 20/20 vision & high IQ if you can spot the four faces in 12 seconds

YOU must have 20/20 vision and a high IQ if you can spot the four faces in this image is less than 12 seconds.

This latest brainteaser is destined to leave you pulling your hair out as you race against the clock.

BrightsideYou must have 20/20 vision & high IQ if you can spot the four faces in 12 seconds[/caption]

That’s because you will need extra sharp eyesight and determination to stand even the smallest chances of succeeding.

This optical illusion will really put you to the test as you search for the four hidden faces.

But if you can put your best cognitive skills together, you could become one of the minority to overcome the challenge.

However, don’t get too complacent, because time is not on your side.

If you overcome all the challenges, though, then you might just have 20/20 vision and a high IQ.

In the image provided by Jagran Josh, we can see a dad and his daughter eyeing up a yummy-looking selection of cakes.

Ranging in size and colour, there is plenty on display to get your stomach rumbling.

But while everyone can see the sweet treats on display, four faces are hidden within.

In fact, they are just simply hiding in plain sight, staring right back at you as they wait to be found.

But if you look hard enough, you should be able to spot them.

So, without further ado, now is your time to shine.

And remember, you only have 12 seconds to complete the challenge.

Good luck.

If you are really struggling, however, then we can give you one clue to help you out – one of the faces is on the bottom shelf.

For those who still can’t locate all four faces, then the answer has been circled for you below.

How can optical illusions and brainteasers help me?

Engaging in activities like solving optical illusions and brainteasers can have many cognitive benefits as it can stimulate various brain regions.

Some benefits include:

Cognitive stimulation: Engaging in these activities challenges the brain, promoting mental agility and flexibility.
Problem-solving skills: Regular practice enhances analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
Memory improvement: These challenges often require memory recall and can contribute to better memory function.
Creativity: They encourage thinking outside the box, fostering creativity and innovative thought processes.
Focus and attention: Working on optical illusions and brainteasers requires concentration, contributing to improved focus.
Stress relief: The enjoyable nature of these puzzles can act as a form of relaxation and stress relief.

BrightsideWere you able to spot the four faces before time ran out?[/caption]

www.1337.gamesSee if you can also spot the five differences between these two images in just 12 seconds[/caption]

If that was too hard for you, then see if you can crack one of our many other optical illusions.

That includes trying to spot all five differences between the two Easter picnics in the images above.

Easter may have been and gone but that doesn’t mean you still can’t put your observational skills to the test for this 12 second challenge.

If you’re still looking for something harder, however, then have a go at finding the yellow car stuck in the traffic jam in under five seconds.

This optical illusion has driven even the most seasoned motorists crazy so you must have the eyes of a master driving instructor if you succeed.

Alternatively, you could try and locate the three animals hiding in this image in just ten seconds.

Everyone can see the kids in this optical illusion – but do you have the high IQ needed to find the trio of animals?

www.1337.gamesOnly those with 20/20 vision and high IQ could complete this challenge before time ran out[/caption]

Zippy Cash for CarsCan you find the yellow car hidden in the traffic jam?[/caption]

Zippy Cash for CarsThere it is![/caption]

RedditThree animals are hiding in plain sight – but can you find them?[/caption]

RedditWere you able to locate the butterfly, bat and duck?[/caption]

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