I have the world’s LONGEST legs… finding clothes is a nightmare, I want to destroy all low doors & short guys are flaky

I have the world’s LONGEST legs… finding clothes is a nightmare, I want to destroy all low doors & short guys are flaky

A WOMAN who holds the record for having the world’s longest legs has revealed the unique problems she faces in her daily life.

Maci Currin has held the Guinness World Record for four years, with her statuesque legs measuring 53.3 and 52.8 inches each – the longest any female has in the world.

Jam Press/@maci.currinMaci was awarded the title for having the world’s longest legs when she was 17[/caption]

Jam Press/@maci.currinThe 21-year-old woman stands tall at 6ft 10ins[/caption]

Jam Press/@maci.currinTrolls often question Maci if her legs are even ‘real’[/caption]

Jam Press/@maci.currinMaci has held the world record for four years[/caption]

The 21-year-old, who stands tall at 6ft 10ins, has gone viral on TikTok after sharing clips of herself showing off her extraordinary height.

But not everyone on social media likes her, it seems.

Maci from Austin, Texas, says she receives lots of mixed reactions and hate comments from people on her posts.

Some trolls compare her to Slendermen – the horror movie character depicted as a thin, unnaturally tall humanoid.

While others question if she is even “real”.

In one video of Maci, a viewer said: “That would be scary to see in a dark hallway.”

In others, users compared her to the Other Mother character in the Coraline movie.

Maci said: “I get a lot of mixed reactions, but that’s to be expected.

“[I am also] called horror movie characters, like Slenderman.

“If someone is going to hate, they hate because they don’t understand.”

Despite getting such hate from people on the internet, Maci says she is proud of her legs – and loves being unique.

“The best perk would have to be that no one is like me. I am unique.”

Maci also revealed how she hated being taller than everyone at school as she was often targeted for her uniqueness.

She said: “I’ve always been taller than everyone since pre-school. I’ve always been a head above everyone.”

“I was in second grade and while playing outside someone asked me if I was a middle schooler because of how tall I was.

“At the time I hated my height because it was the one thing kids could target me for.”

Some fans even encourage Marci to embrace her uniqueness – and insist she should be a model thanks to her height.

But she says she wants to take the opportunity to empower other women with extraordinary physique.

The best perk would have to be that no one is like me. I am unique

Maci Currin

She added: “People will often be like ‘you are so beautiful, do you model?’.

“As a 6’10 female, my job is to empower other tall women.”

However, with such long legs come some real-life problems as well.

Due to her extraordinary height, Maci often has to take extra care while walking through doorways.

“Having to duck under every doorway makes me want to grab a hammer and smash them all down,” she quipped.

She also struggles to find the right clothes that fit her – and has to wear custom-made jeans which are often way too costly.

“Finding clothes is hard,” she said.

“I shop at American Tall mostly, although they don’t have any long pants that fit me. I have to get them custom-made which costs around $250 for one pair of jeans.”

“I’m not made of money [so] I only have two pairs of jeans that fit me right.”

The young woman also revealed that she struggles with dating, as often men don’t like kissing her in public because of the height difference.

“I currently have no interest in dating, but all the times I’ve dated – especially with men that are shorter than me by a significant amount – has just felt off.

“They were always embarrassed of me.”

While Maci gained fame because of the world record, she says she isn’t worried about retaining the title.

She added: “I have had the world record for female longest legs for about four years now. Having that title doesn’t have a meaning to me anymore.”

“It’s more of a thing of the past. If anyone wants to take the title from me I’d be more than happy.”

Jam Press/@maci.currinHer legs stretch almost a metre and a half in length[/caption]

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