I was told to stop asking questions about UFOs – I was warned there would be riots if truth got out, says US congressman

I was told to stop asking questions about UFOs – I was warned there would be riots if truth got out, says US congressman

A POLITICIAN has revealed he was warned to stop asking questions about UFOs as “people couldn’t handle” the truth.

Rep. Tim Burchett said someone at Capitol Hill told him “there would be riots” if details on what the US really knows about UFOs were disclosed.

XRep. Tim Burchett says he was warned ‘people couldn’t handle’ the truth about UFOs[/caption]

An unexplained object is seen at centre as it is tracked as it soars high along the clouds, travelling against the wind in 2015AP

ShutterstockMysterious crop circle in an oat field[/caption]

The congressman – a long-term advocate for disclosure – has said he intends to push for more hearings on the UFO phenomena.

Officials at the Pentagon have long denied there is any evidence of aliens visiting Earth.

Earlier this month, the authority released a dossier to the public detailing events back to 1945.

It insisted there were no hidden UFO programmes within the government – and that there is no evidence of extraterrestrial activity.

But Burchett previously told The Sun that the world is being lied to about UFOs.

The Tennessee Republican has pushed for more whistleblowers to come forward as he pushes for more hearings.

It comes after former intelligence officer David Charles Grusch made extraordinary claim the US has wreckage from “non-human craft” and even “dead pilots”.

His remarkable claims so far have not been backed up by hard evidence, but have sent a UFO shockwave through Washington DC.

UFOs are now more commonly referred to in official circles as UAP – Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

Burchett told NewsNation: “We’re going to hopefully have some whistleblowers in there to blow the lid off some more stuff so get read.”

According to Burchett, many in Congress believe UFOs originate from a non-human intelligence.

But he revealed he was urged by someone at Capitol Hill to stop pursuing transparency over UFOs.

Burchett told Trey Smith: “It was kind of weird, a guy walked up to me that I knew and said ‘you know Tim, we really don’t need to put this stuff out. People couldn’t handle it, there would be riots’.”

He said he told the man that if he held forums in different cities, people would say they want to know the truth as they want answers.

Speaking to The Sun, Burchett previously challenged someone inside the defence department to come forward with hard evidence – such as a photo or video – to truly blow the lid off the “cover-up”.

The real threat of UFOs and aliens

FOR decades, UFOs and aliens were considered to be make belief things created by people in tinfoil hats but they are now considered a threat to national security.

Long gone are those who claim conspiracy theories are all false as many are now discussed at the highest levels of government with US officials even admitting their existence.

As more and more credible witnesses continue to come forward to tell their extraordinary stories publicly.

The 2010s saw decades of stigmas around extra terrestrial life start to break down as politicians made UFO sightings a matter of national security.

Across the world, governments have also unveiled some spooky truths with some even showcasing “dead alien corpses” on display for congress.

Researchers recently verified the legitimacy of a set of three-fingered mummies as potential evidence of “non-human” life forms.

A line-up of doctors confirmed at Mexico‘s Congress on Tuesday that the bodies, purportedly not of this Earth, were in fact real, once-living organisms.

The Pentagon also released a blockbuster 1,574 pages of real-life X-Files in 2022, related to its secretive UFO programme.

The haul includes reports into research on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans, sets out categorisations for paranormal experiences, and studies into sci-fi-style tech.

Top UFO chief Sean Kirkpatrick told the world last year that he is set to step down from his job following his stern warning of concerning activity “in our backyard.”

The Pentagon‘s UFO analysis office launched a UFO reporting service to the public after admitting to uncovering “some things” and calling the high number of suspicious activity either a foreign power or aliens.

Navy jet footage has revealed the intriguing images of a government-confirmed UFO baffling the internet.

The United States Government launched the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) in 2022 to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

He said: “Congress has been lied to, and the public have been lied.

“But we gotta have that one person who walks out with a tape or something.”

He added: “I would tell any whistleblowers to come out, your country needs you.”

Hundreds of UFOs are spotted every year – and last month one was captured shooting across the moon’s surface.

Dr. Sebastian Voltmer was recording the night sky through a telescope when an object blasted through the image.

Despite carrying out checks and not being a UFO fanatic he still cannot explain the footage.

Meanwhile, two saucer-shaped UFOS were seen hovering above a giant oil rig where locals believe there is an “alien base” off the coast of Mexico.

A crew member onboard the oil rig near Tampico snapped up images of the bizarre objects.

THE DEBRIEFDavid Charles Grusch claims the US has wreckage from ‘non-human craft’[/caption]

X/@covertressA saucer-shaped UFO seen hovering over an oil rig in Mexico[/caption]

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