Moment Biden, 81, freezes AGAIN after shuffling away from G7 leaders forcing Italian PM to shepherd him back for pic

Moment Biden, 81, freezes AGAIN after shuffling away from G7 leaders forcing Italian PM to shepherd him back for pic

PRESIDENT Joe Biden has been caught bizarrely freezing again after awkwardly shuffling away from world leaders at a G7 meeting.

The global powerhouses, including the UK’s Rishi Sunak, were set to get a photo before a wayward Biden tried to escape the shoot before being shepherded back by Italian PM Giorgia Meloni.

XThe moment Joe Biden, 81, turns his back on his fellow leaders at the recent meeting of G7 leaders[/caption]

XThe president is then left looking in the completely wrong direction frozen[/caption]

XHe is only shepherded back towards the group when Italian PM Giorgia Meloni ushers him back[/caption]

XBiden returns for a group picture before slowly putting on his sunglasses[/caption]

APThe bizarre video came from a meeting with G7 leaders this week[/caption]

Awkward footage shows the president and other world leaders watching on as parachute jumpers descend from the sky with the flags of allied nations.

But, the show of unity and military prowess is quickly overshadowed when Biden decides to turn his back on the group as they clap for the latest jumper.

The 81-year-old stands still with a huge grin on his face for a few seconds before deciding to shuffle away from the pack.

After taking several small, limbering steps he begins to talk to someone and offers them a thumbs up.

The remaining heads of state all stand watching Biden with a puzzled look on their faces as Emmanuel Macron, Rishi Sunak and Giorgia Meloni stare in his direction before all looking at each other.

Meloni then makes a dart towards the president as she speaks to Macron before tugging on Biden’s arm.

By this point the commander-in-chief is looking completely in the opposite direction with his back to everyone else.

Quick-thinking Meloni manages to shepherd Biden back towards the photographers as the G7 members all make a move left so they are surrounding the US leader.

As all the leaders smile and look towards the camera, Biden decides to slowly put on his aviator sunglasses before posing for the picture.

White House press secretary Andrew Bates claimed Biden was simply congratulating a diver on the floor who was collecting his things.

Bates went on to blame the “desperate” media for using “an artificially narrow frame” to make Biden look bad.

The G7 meeting was also shrouded in controversy after Putin and the Kremlin vowed an “extremely painful” reaction to a deal made at the event to raise $50billion for Ukraine.

The Kremlin dubbed the deal “cynical and criminal” saying the money will be raised from seized Russian assets. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with the leaders before the viral clip as they agreed on a “historic” loan.

It comes as earlier this week, Biden appeared to freeze again for a moment during a Juneteenth celebration at the White House.

He looked statuesque at the event – sparking further concern just months before the presidential election.

The Democrat’s term has been plagued with gaffes and blunders.

He has fallen up the stairs of Air Force One and has stumbled on countless occasions.

Last year, Biden took a tumble at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.

In February, Biden confused the leaders of Mexico and Egypt while delivering a rambling address to the nation after it emerged he wouldn’t face criminal charges over storing secret docs.

Last week, Biden seemed to fumble for his seat while on stage with the Macrons and his wife, Jill, at the D-Day event.

But, there was no chair behind Biden.

Biden looked like he was crouching down before Jill then put her hand over her mouth.

It looked like she was going to tell him something.

It’s not known if she uttered anything to the president.

Questions continue to swirl over Biden’s health and competency for office – just months before Americans go to the polls.

And polling suggests Biden’s re-election bid could be tricky.

Biden with Giorgia Meloni when they arrived at the G7 eventGetty

XBiden starts to slowly shuffle away from the pack as the other leaders look on puzzled[/caption]

XThe Democrat looked confused when he was turned back around[/caption]

RexThe White House says Biden was just congratulating a diver in the viral clip[/caption]

RexBiden has been accused of freezing up before during events[/caption]

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