Friends of Brit teenager Jay Slater missing in Tenerife for 5 days SLAM trolls hacking his Instagram account

Friends of Brit teenager Jay Slater missing in Tenerife for 5 days SLAM trolls hacking his Instagram account

LAST night missing Jay Slater’s mum was left devastated after being hit with hundreds of vile messages from conspiracy theorists online.

Hurtful messages from trolls on social media has stopped Debbie Duncan from publicly appealing for information about her missing son.

Jay Slater’s mum was left devastated after being hit with hundreds of vile messages

British teenager Jay went missing during a holiday in TenerifeSolarpix

Jay pictured with his brother Zak and mum Debbie – who both flew out to the island after he went missing

Wild theories on the clubber’s disappearance have flooded Facebook and Instagram, all of which have been denied by Jay’s family.

It is also claimed Jay’s Instagram was hacked and false information was then shared.

Hitting back, the administrator of Facebook appeal page called Jay Slater Missing, Rachel Louise Harg, described trolls as “sick in the head”.

She wrote: “Right I can’t believe some people are actually this sick in the head, there are people hacking my accounts and Jay’s family’s, making it pure lies and pretending we are all in it.

“Jays missing and it’s absolutely soul destroying that we can’t find him.

“His mum is absolutely broken it’s cruel we know he as been with 2 or possibly more people up in the mountains we have can confirm phone signal as proven this after that we don’t know as here in Spain without evidence of anything they can’t look into it to the court to act on it the searching and taking this matter very serious.

“It’s hard work not just that the language barrier is so bad we have to have someone with us to talk for us and for us to understand it’s so bad.

“Honestly the police here are checking cctv and looking into leads that have been given in to them as we speak.”

It comes as Lancashire Police said it has offered to support the search for Jay.

A statement released on Friday night said: “First and foremost, our thoughts are with Jay’s family at this time.

“They must be going through the most distressing ordeal not knowing what has happened to their loved one.

“We have specialist officers who are continuing to support Jay’s family.

“Whilst this case falls outside the jurisdiction of UK policing, we have made an offer of support to the Guardia Civil to see if they need any additional resources.

“They have confirmed that at this time they are satisfied that they have the resources they need, but that offer remains open and they will contact us should that position change.”

Jay’s heartbroken mum previously wept as she begged for help to find her beloved son and pleaded: “I just want my baby back”.

Worried mum Debbie said the past few days have been a “living nightmare” as she issued a tearful plea for help.

She told ITN: “It’s just an absolute living nightmare. It’s like a dream – it’s like it’s not happening, it really is. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody. 

“I just want my baby back. Please, just anybody who can help just look for him. There’s a massive area up there, massive.

“It’s over 48 hours now since he last had any contact with anybody. 

“He’s out there somewhere, or somebody knows where he is. We just need to find my baby.”

Devastated mum Debbie flew to the island earlier this week as rescue crews stage a frantic round-the-clock search for Jay.

Jay is thought to be lost in an area of Tenerife locals call “the badlands”.

Timeline of Jay Slater’s disappearance

By Ellie Doughty, Foreign News Reporter


Jay goes to a rave at the 2024 NRG music festival in Tenerife, around Arona on the south of the island.

8.35pm – Jay posts a smiling Snapchat video of him laughing with friends.

He leaves the rave with two men he met that day and is driven back to their accommodation across the island.


7.30am – Jay posts a Snapchat of a hand holding a cigarette in the area where the accommodation was – near the rural de Teno Park on the north of the island.

8.30am – Jay calls his friend Lucy Law and tells her he missed a bus, had one per cent of battery left on his phone and was stuck in the “middle of nowhere”.

9am – A missing persons report is filed and the search for Jay begins.


2am – Police knock on the door of Jay’s mum Debbie Duncan’s home and tell her to catch the first flight out to Tenerife.

7am – She flies out from Manchester Airport alongside her son Zak to help with the search.

Debbie is sent a Snapchat message saying “Kiss goodbye to your boy, you’re never going to see him again, he owes me a lot of money.”


12.30pm – Police move the search to the south of the island briefly after a false sighting.

Cops search his hotel room for clues as his mum says there was “nothing untoward there”.

Debbie gives a heart-wrenching interview where she shares fears he has been “taken” and says “I just want my baby back”.


Cops begin day four of the massive search for Jay.

The five-day search for the 19-year-old has now homed in on a 2,000ft-deep ravine in a remote, desert-like park.

Helicopters have been seen soaring above, while firefighters, volunteers and police scour the perilous cactus-strewn terrain below.

Jonathan Stones, who moved to Tenerife more than two decades ago at 13, said the Teno Nature Reserve is one of the island’s most inhospitable spots.

He told The Sun: “Where Jay was last located through his mobile phone is where he stands the least chance of survival.

“The desolate landscapes around the island’s holiday hotspots are referred to as ‘malpais’ by locals — a word that translates into English as ‘bad land’.”

The former journalist, 50, warned the searing heat could be deceptive, with comfortable temperatures in the morning turning into roasting highs by 11am.

He added: “With no shade in sight, no water to hand and a deep ravine, the sun becomes an even more fierce adversary.

“And the shadowy respite offered by the hilltops is short-lived.

“The sun moves around the mountain sides quickly and anyone sheltering behind a craggy outcrop is soon flushed from their hide in search of the next one.

“I hope desperately that it’s a riddle solved in time for Jay to be reunited safely with his family.”

The ravine where search workers are focusing on

Cops and mountain rescue have scoured northern Tenerife to find Jay

A sniffer dog joins in the search

Jay in a Snapchat from the night before he went missing

SnapchatJay’s final Snapchat at the property he had gone to with two men[/caption]

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