Who is TikToker JinnKid?

Who is TikToker JinnKid?

DISGRACED former TikTok star JinnKid was once a popular social media figure but his career spiralled after he was found guilty of murdering his wife and her friend.

The 32-year-old, who’s real name is Ali Abulaban, is due to be sentenced at the end of June – here’s everything we know about JinnKid.

Disgarced former TikTok star Ali Abulaban, better known as JinnKid, has been found guilty of the double murder of his wife and her friendInstagram / Jinnkid

Who is TikToker JinnKid?

JinnKid, once had over 940,000 followers on TikTok through clever comedy sketches on the platform.

He would often do funny impersonations with his most famous one being Al Pacino’s character in Scarface – Tony Montana.

Ali’s popularity skyrocketed when he started to post a series of videos called “Skyrim in Real Life”.

The funny content racked up millions of views and was even reacted to by some huge online names such as Jenna Marbles.

Born May 18, 1992, Ali started up his TikTok account in 2019 and quickly managed to get both views and followers.

He graduated from Stonewall Jackson High School in Virginia back in 2021.

As well as a mass following on TikTok, he also garnered almost 200,000 Instagram followers.

His TikTok has since been deleted after he was arrested for being involved in a fatal shooting in 2021.

What did Jinnkid get found guilty of?

Ali Abulaban was found guilty of shooting his wife and her male friend in a high-rise apartment complex in San Diego in 2021.

The horror ordeal happened October 21 at 3pm in the afternoon with his trial only reaching a verdict this May.

Ana Abulaban, 28, and Rayburn Cardenas Barron, 29, were both found dead in the apartment after being shot as they sat on a sofa, a court heard.

Deputy District Attorney Taren Brast said Ali shot Rayburn three times at close range in the neck, cheek and back of the head.

The Tiktoker with his wife Ana Abulaban who he was found guilty of shooting alongside her friend back in 2021Handout

He then turned the gun on his wife and shot her once in the forehead, he said.

Ali never denied killing the pair during his case.

Brast said at the start of the court hearing: “The defendant fled the apartment.

“Neighbors had heard the gunshots, witnessed the defendant leaving the apartment. Then he made a phone call to his mother admitting that he shot and killed his wife.”

Police found Ali driving on the highway with his 5-year-old daughter after the incident occured.

“The defendant then fled the building, went to pick up his daughter from school, still had the loaded gun in his car,” Brast continued.

“Told his daughter that he ‘hurt mommy’ and then he was soon apprehended by the police.”

Prosecutors alleged that he secretly obtained a room key before gunning down the pair.

Ali was detained and arrested on the day of the double-murder.

Ali had moved out of the apartment following an alleged domestic violence incident, say reports.

Ana had allegedly filed a restraining order against the social media star and was seeking a divorce.

Ali would later testify in court that he was using cocaine to cope with a number of emotional struggles he was facing at the time.

The couple had moved to San Diego just months before the deaths which put a huge strain on their relationship.

Ali claimed he started taking drugs after the move and that they would make him violent and aggressive.   

He had installed a listening device on his five-year-old daughter’s tablet to hear conversations from inside the apartment, the court heard.

Prosecutors said the Tiktoker was “jealous” and believed his wife was cheating on him with Rayburn.

Family close to Ana said the pair had been separated “for quite some time” before the shooting.

Will JinnKid go to jail?

JinnKid is due to be sentenced on June 28 after being found guilty of both murders with him potentially facing life behind bars.

It is unclear what sentence he will be given but it is possible he will face life without the possibility of parole due to the first-degree murder charges.

Ali was seen with tears streaming down his face as the guilty verdict was called out.

abc10Ali was seen with tears streaming down his face as the guilty verdict was called out[/caption]

Barron’s sister Jordana told NBC San Diego: “Finally, my brother and Ana got a little bit of justice. 

“Obviously nothing is going to bring our brother or Ana back, but at least he is never going to be able to do this to another person again.”

Ana’s friend Julia Stuntz added: It’s the relief. We’ve been waiting almost three years for this.”

How to watch TikTok Star Murders

The chilling documentary following the fatal double-murder case will air on Peacock on Tuesday June 25.

It will feature rare recordings and footage from Ali and Ana’s relationship that show the couple arguing and clashing in the months leading up to the horror ordeal.

A trailer for the documentary detailed how it will show viewers the level of paranoia that had built up in Ali through addiction and his obsession with fame.

One of the teaser clips showed an annoyed Ali saying: “Don’t get married, guys. I threw my whole life away for her.”

In other shocking moments, Ana can be seen begging her husband to leave her alone and move out.

The documentary also includes never-before-seen interviews with Ali and Ana’s close friends and family.

Reporter Kelsey Christensen, who first interviewed Ali after his arrest in 2021 commentates over the 90-minute show.

Clinical and forensic psychologists also appear in the doc.

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