Flight attendant Tori Towey is FREED in Dubai and can fly home after arrest for ‘attempted suicide after husband attack’

Flight attendant Tori Towey is FREED in Dubai and can fly home after arrest for ‘attempted suicide after husband attack’

A FLIGHT attendant horrifically arrested in Dubai for “attempted suicide” has been allowed to fly home.

Tori Towey was detained, had her passport taken away, and was banned from leaving the Middle Eastern country.

Torie Towey will now be allowed to return home

Tori had been banned from leaving Dubai

She had been attacked before being detained

Tori had allegedly been attacked by her husband

The 28-year-old, who worked for Emirates, had been charged with attempted suicide and alcohol consumption.

She was facing jail after following the attack allegedly by her husband.

But after outrage over her arrest – it has now been confirmed that Tori will be allowed to return home.

Tori and her mum Caroline had pleaded for help from the Irish authorities after she was held under Dubai‘s strict laws.

“She’s been through the worst time of her life and needs to come home with me and heal,” said Caroline.

The United Arab Emirates cabin crew member from Co Roscommon was detained in Dubai after her passport was taken off her.

Ireland‘s president Simon Harris – the Taoiseach – revealed in Ireland’s parliament that the travel ban imposed on her has been lifted.

He said: “I’ve just been informed that the travel ban has been lifted, that the Embassy will take Tori to the airport as soon as she is ready to go, and that the Embassy will, of course, continue to follow up on the case, which is still active as of now.”

Harris gave the update which he “just received in real time” to the Dail chamber this afternoon.

He also thanked the Irish embassy in the United Arab Emirates for their work on the case.

Tori had been living a nightmare in Dubai after being charged with with attempted suicide and alcohol consumption following a horror attack.

The young woman from Boyle, Co Roscommon, suffered severe bruising and other injuries that required hospital treatment after being brutally attacked in her own home.

But after an attempt to take her own life in the wake of the domestic violence assault, authorities in Dubai instead charged Tori and she was hit with a travel ban.

Tori’s husband was named as her attacker by the Sinn Fein‘s leader May Lou McDonald in the Dail, Ireland’s parliament.

Pleading to the Irish government, Tori urged them to step in regarding her case.

She said: “I’m glad I’m with my mother now but I don’t know what’s going to happen in court next week.

“I’m desperate to go home to Ireland and put all of this in the past. I’m asking the Taoiseach to please help us.”

Tori’s case sparked international outrage

She is now able to come home

Is attempting suicide a crime in Dubai?

By Sayan Bose, Foreign News Reporter

DUBAI is infamous for strict personal laws that see attempted suicide as a criminal offence.

Anyone found to attempt suicide – or those who survive – can face a potential sentence of up to six months.

Although people who attempt suicide are rarely detained, they are exposed to potential prosecutions by the country’s court system.

In matters of attempting suicide, discretion remains with the court whether to convict a person or send them to mental institutions for further help.

And any person found assisting another person to commit suicide by any means can be charged and prosecuted, following an unspecified but strict jail term

Speaking on RTE’s Morning Ireland earlier today, Ann Flynn, the sister of Ms Towey’s mother Caroline, said that “Tori can’t travel, so Caroline has to stay with Tori, so we’re just all very anxious”.

She added that the family are now hoping that they will soon get word that the mum and daughter are on a plane home.

She said: “I don’t know will this court case go ahead, or if it does what will happen? We’re just very hopeful.”

“It’s really terrible that this has happened to a young woman who was full of life and full of adventure, and loved travelling.”

Speaking to Sky News, Flynn also said that all Towey wants is to come home and is now under “incredible stress”.

She said: “Tori now faces charges in Dubai of attempted suicide and the abuse of alcohol.

“The system over there, rather than protecting this woman who is an Irish citizen, chose instead to detain her, to charge her.

“She’s now under the most incredible stress.”

Radha Stirling, founder of the Detained in Dubai group, said the support of the Irish people and the Irish Government had “really warmed” them and “given them hope and inspiration”.

She said the case is due to be heard in court next week.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said it was providing “ongoing consular assistance” in the case, as was Ireland’s embassy in the United Arab Emirates.

A statement said: “The Irish ambassador to the UAE is in regular contact with our citizen (including this morning). The embassy is also engaging with all the relevant authorities in UAE on the case.

“Officials will continue to provide advice and consular assistance.”

Simon Harris said she will be brought to the airport when she is ready to return home2024 PA Media, All Rights Reserved

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