5 Astrology Apps to Diversify Your Roster This Aries Season

5 Astrology Apps to Diversify Your Roster This Aries Season

As we continue trudging through an ongoing pandemic and it seems that now more than ever people are turning to alternative or new age therapies to get through this time. Whether you’re buying more crystals, creating spaces to meditate or using esoteric practices to make it through the lockdown, we all need practices to help us cope with the instability of this global crisis. Astrology isn’t going anywhere and while it’s constantly seen as a “niche” offering, the business of the stars and planets is a profitable one. Last year we wrote about astrology apps you need to know about and this year, there are a few more notable ones to add to your devices.

Astrology In the Palm of Your Hand

Surely, the pandemic has been a stressful, life changing and frustrating time period. It comes as no surprise that people are using astrology to navigate their lives. According to this 2021 British Vogue article, “People seek information to make sense of these events, often finding relief in abstract messaging and big, albeit unquantifiable, ideas about faith, love and the future, instead of cold scientific facts.”

Unfortunately, the world feels unreal and we don’t have the answers at all. All around the world, we’re seeing the start of vaccine rollouts but where does that leave our new normal, our careers and love lives? Astrology can provide some direction and offer guidelines to those who need it. This 2019 The Cut article explains, “Astrology was really just an early attempt to assign order, rhythm, and meaning to our chaotic and unpredictable work: an early form of scientific theory.”

Here’s a Quick Look at 5 Astrology Apps Worth Exploring This Season:

1. Nebula: Horoscope and Astrology

Available in six different languages and currently one of the most popular apps in the US. Nebula is an interactive astrology app that gives you insight around your own chart. You can check out your horoscope, and the focus ahead for your day, week, or month while delving into your personal astro profile. There’s a dedicated learning center on the app that shares information about astrology, from transits to asteroids and how polarity and modalities impact the signs. 

The app also scans your palm print along with a guide to understanding the basics of palmistry. It’s easy to use and if you get the Premium subscription you get access to all this without ads. You can also speak to astrologers online but that’s at an additional cost. (Available on iOS and Android)

2. Know The Zodiac 

Here at ATPB, we’ve highlighted how hard it can be to find Black-owned esoteric businesses, astrologers, or workers; Know the Zodiac is here to change that. The site was founded by Dossé-Via, who hails from West Africa and has over 15 years of experience in the Astrology field. The site has grown and employs a diverse group of astrologers and content creators. The mobile app offers daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, information about the zodiac signs, and shares useful insights about moon phases. Subscribers can also check out the KTZ blog and listen to the podcast.  (Available on iOS)

3. CHANI App

Founded by Chani Nicholas, an astrologer and author who has amassed over 400,000 followers on Instagram, the CHANI app is fast becoming one of the most popular astrology apps around. The app offers a 3-day trial and then charges for a Premium subscription but the access to information is worth it. You get weekly horoscopes, a podcast reading for your sign, information around transits, guided meditations and insights on your chart that really make sense. CHANI offers an in-app journal, suggestions for your own personal altar, and the app is regularly updated with new information for subscribers.  (Available on iOS)

4. Sanctuary

Launched in 2019, Sanctuary is a mobile app that has grown from strength to strength in the astro business. Get your day started with personalized daily horoscopes and learn more about the planets and  how they impact your chart. The app offers on-demand astrologers and live birth chart readings at a price for subscribers who may want an in-depth look into their astro chart. If you’re just starting out, you can peruse the extensive library and get to know the meanings behind your house placements, what aspects mean, and more. (Available on iOS and Android)

5. Time Nomad

If you’re a little more advanced in the astrology world and want an app that’ll give you more detailed information, look no further than Time Nomad. A favorite with professional astrologers and aspiring students, the mobile app has some worthwhile features, including synastry charts and transits. If you are familiar with your progressed chart from your composite chart and want to dig deeper into your knowledge of astrology, Time Nomad is free to use. (Available on iOS)

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