The Healing of Nature and How Nature Can Heal In the Midst of Chaos

The Healing of Nature and How Nature Can Heal In the Midst of Chaos

As warmer months usher in throughout the global North, a pandemic rages on, and the world confronts the ongoing trauma of widespread assault on BIPOC bodies. Now more than ever, healing is one of our deepest needs. The season often associated with rebirth and restoration could not be more timely, offering an escape for those who have been cooped indoors. Where the battle of mental health is concerned, it is undeniable that nature can heal. Where medicine, routine, and safe socialization are concerned, getting away with nature can be one of the most healing, independent outlets for those seeking refuge and clarity. Our Wellness Contributor, Chloe’ Flowers explains how nature has been a healing source amidst the chaos of life. Ahead of Earth Day and celebrating the beauty of our planet, read on to see how nature can heal in your personal life.

Finding joy in the simplest things can have a massive effect on our healing. When we are searching for fullness in life, we often look past what is right in front of us. Nature is the great outdoors, the biodiverse, unique physical world of which we all exist. I distinctively enjoy the idea of nature as a woman; giving and growing the universe. Nature reminds me of my own power and femininity. If you are someone who has spent a lot of time indoors, I want to remind you of the fascination that exists beyond our homes. Being inside for so long has taken a tremendous toll on our minds and bodies. Now that it’s a little safer, I want to shed light on the advantages of venturing outdoors. We will discuss how nature is one of our greatest gifts and healers, Pretty Birds. 

The Healing Benefits Of Nature

Much of trauma and life’s hardships bring energy rooted in confinement. While processing life, we are met with emotions of being trapped in the details of our situation – feeling like the storm may never end. We may hide or isolate ourselves until we “figure things out”. We feel like we aren’t worthy of love, attention, or rest. Fortunately, nature can remind us of the many phases of life. The ups, downs or sunshine and rainfall. Nature brings us back to balance and allows us to have a variety of seasons and fluctuations. One of my favorite quotes, “No Rain, No Flowers” suggests that without sadness, darkness or anything negative;  there will be no flowers, beauty or love. The quote is a reminder that we must accept life as a whole to benefit from the good parts. Things won’t always be great, but with time and patience hardships pass. 

Everyday Nature As Medicine

Ultimately, I consider nature medicine because it allows you to use all of your senses. You can feel the mighty sun on your skin. The breeze in your hair and against your face. You can see colors all across the spectrum in every direction you look. You can see other people with their pets, or their families which draws inspiration or stimulating thoughts. You can smell rain just before it comes or goes. You can mute the busy bustle of traffic, laughter of children, or the chirping of neighborhood birds. The outdoors amplifies the sense of feeling alive, even when you feel most stagnant. Experiencing nature can revive you almost instantly. Being amongst trees and sunlight will bring you grounding pleasure. 

Surely, taking time to be in nature prompts you to meditate and visualize your desires. Being away from television and the upkeep of your home gives you fresh perspective to work with. Nature allows your mind to go beyond your typical daily thoughts. Being creative with your spirit is nurturing and healing, because for several moments, you are outside of your everyday reality. Nature is the most healthy distraction. Make time to get outside to: walk, run, stretch, swim, hike or simply just sit in the grass and be one with the earth. Understand that you are a tiny, but necessary vessel in the present existence. Everything that you are and do contributes to the universe in some way. 

Reflecting on Nature and Togetherness 

The last time I took my son to the park, there was a little girl there with her mom. The mother seemed preoccupied and disengaged. As I pushed my son on the swing set, the small girl sat on the barely moving swing and gazed over at us. I asked her if she would like me to push her and she nodded her head yes. For an hour, I pushed them both – going from one swing to the next. Her and my son laughed together in the sunshine and eluded pure joy.

It made me feel joyful to share this experience with our new friend. Internally, the mother in me understood both that her mom didn’t have the energy, but that the girl needed attention. She was around the same age as my son, Phoenix. After the swings, they chased each other around and had the best time. As I drove home, I asked myself, “Would she ever have been pushed had we not come out today?” 

Do not overlook the benefits of movement and fresh air. Nature is full of love, and healing. Oftentimes, all you have to do is go outside and show up for your blessing. 


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