Her Majesty The Queen: Duty, Consistency, and Steadfastness

Her Majesty The Queen: Duty, Consistency, and Steadfastness

It was inevitable – as we all die someday. And yet most are stunned that it has come to be.

Queen Elizabeth II has died at 96, having just celebrated seventy years of duty to the sovereign British people and those of the Commonwealth. She was part of a 1209 year-old bloodline dating back to the 9th century and covering 37 generations. In a word, The Queen represents a vessel for history unfolding across feudal societies the span of time.

September 8, 2022, marked the passing of not just, the longest-reigning British monarch, or just one of the most remarkable women of our time, but rather a denotation, a rip in humanity, of what came before, and what is to come after.

Consider some notable female leaders who carved the soul of humanity to leave a unique indentation in the era in which they presided and long after, such as :

  • Nefertiti ( Leader of Egypt).
  • Cleopatra VII (Leader of Egypt).
  • Wu Zetian (Leader of China).
  • Catherine Il the Great ( Leader of Russia).
  • Queen Victoria ( Leader of England).
  • Queen Elizabeth I ( Leader of England).
  • Mary, Queen of Scots (Leader of Scotland).
  • Maria Theresa ( Leader of Austria).
  • Marie Antoinette ( Leader of France).

Now accept into their ranks: Queen Elizabeth II ( Leader of England).

The United States is irrevocably intertwined with one of the greatest empires in history. And while Americans have no sovereign to rule over us nonetheless we respect and admire the British Monarchy and Britons’ devotion and affection for its hierarchical system and traditions. It is a special relationship no doubt between our two countries and we send our warmest condolences to our sisters and brothers across the pond today.

I am reminded of this moment in history in 1920s  England at the ceremony of the unknown warrior. The song is a British patriotic hymn, “I Vow To  Thee, My Country.” Listen to the words brave Brit’s , may they provide comfort to you now-

Three words best describe Queen Elizabeth II, and those are duty, consistency, and steadfastness. She applied these qualities to her family, her country, and her place in history.There have been numerous documentaries made through the years about the Queen. But below is one I feel reveals all known facets of her rule and her humanity. As pointed out in the documentary she was an enigma and kept her most treasured self – private.

We live in a world moving so fast and at times with little meaning attached to the rotations that many of us dismiss tradition altogether. Reverence for our way of life and faith has been fading for sometime now and is openly mocked. Most do not even know that the Sovereign holds the title ‘Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England‘. Or that during her Coronation she is anointed with Holy Oil before investiture and crowning. This is an ancient sacred ritual that places the sovereign above man for those believers.

One of Queen Elizabeth II enduring legacy will be that of her faith and commitment to those values which promote healthy families and communities – consistently honoring a  way of life that held purpose, had order and direction.

Blessed speed Dearest Queen and may you rest with the peace of Christ…

May your grandchildren carry on your spirit of duty, consistency, and steadfastness. May England remain traditionally bound and purpose driven to defend her natural order in this world.

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