Rumor Mill Buzzing: Titans Quarterback Will Levis’ Relationship Status

Rumor Mill Buzzing: Titans Quarterback Will Levis’ Relationship Status

In the fast-paced world of NFL news and drama, Titans quarterback Will Levis has stolen the spotlight for a reason off the gridiron. His relationship, rather than his passing accuracy, has become the center of attention.

Here’s an in-depth look into how one night transformed Levis and his now-former girlfriend, Gia Duddy, into instant internet sensations and the ripples their breakup news has caused.

Draft Night Drama: The Unexpected Fall of Will Levis

The 2023 NFL Draft was a whirlwind for many, but for Will Levis, it was a rollercoaster of emotions. He didn’t just trend because of his unforeseen fall out of the first round. As all eyes were on the potential draftees, another star unintentionally began to shine.

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Gia Duddy’s Instant Fame

Gia Duddy, with her ravishing red dress, was ready for the limelight alongside her potential first-round pick boyfriend. But as the evening wore on, it wasn’t the fashion that made her an internet sensation, but her reactions.

The Rise of a New Internet Sensation: Camera Focus Shifts

While viewers eagerly anticipated Levis’ name to be announced, camera lenses often veered towards Duddy. Her evident concern and disappointment caught the attention of viewers, leading many to google “Will Levis’ girlfriend.”

Social Media Impact

That single night led to a dramatic increase in Duddy’s social media following, doubling in a matter of hours. Not only did she become a trending topic, but she also opened doors to lucrative opportunities.

Post-Draft Opportunities

As the dust from the NFL Draft began to settle, both Will Levis and Gia Duddy discovered that the spotlight cast upon them had unexpected dividends. While the draft night had its ups and downs, it opened doors to new avenues and opportunities.

The world, always hungry for the next big thing, turned its gaze to this duo. And as they say, when one door closes, several more open. The post-draft phase wasn’t just about football contracts and team strategies; it became a stage for brand endorsements and personal brand building. Let’s delve into the opportunities that arose post-draft for the couple.

Burger King Endorsement

One can argue that there’s a silver lining in every situation. For Duddy, that silver lining came in the form of an endorsement deal with fast food giant, Burger King, in June.

Will Levis Secures Deal with Hellman’s 

While Duddy was making waves in the fast-food sector, Levis wasn’t left behind. Hellman’s Mayonnaise saw potential in the quarterback and soon inked a deal with him.

Social Media Stardom: Duddy’s Digital Dominance

By now, Duddy was no stranger to the internet’s power. Fully embracing her newfound fame, she plunged into the world of social media influencing, quickly establishing herself on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Relocation to Nashville

In a surprising twist, Duddy announced her move to Nashville on August 24th. Moving to be closer to her boyfriend’s new city, many speculated this to be a new chapter for the couple.

Relationship Chronicles: Early Days and University Romance

Levis and Duddy’s story began in early 2021. Their love story, blossoming amidst the backdrop of football games and college campuses, seemed straight out of a movie. Their two-year journey, peppered with love and support, was well documented on social media.

Overcoming the Distance

The couple’s decision to continue their relationship despite Levis’ transfer from Pennsylvania to Kentucky showcased their commitment. Long-distance, while challenging, only seemed to make their bond stronger.

The Unexpected Turn: From Relocation to Separation

However, life has its own plans. Just a month after moving to Nashville to be closer to Levis, the news broke. Pardon My Take announced on September 18th that the couple had parted ways, leaving fans and followers in disbelief.


Navigating through the complex corridors of sports and personal relationships often presents a tapestry of highs and lows. The narrative of Levis and Duddy’s journey, from the hopeful anticipation of the NFL Draft night to their unexpected split, is emblematic of the transient nature of fame and the pressures it can exert on relationships.

Their story underscores how quickly the tide can turn, with the world’s attention shifting from on-field prowess to personal dynamics in the blink of an eye.

For fans and onlookers, it’s a poignant reminder that athletes, despite their larger-than-life personas, also traverse the delicate pathways of personal relationships, just like everyone else. Their tale encourages a more empathetic view, urging us to celebrate the achievements, support during trials, and offer space and understanding during personal changes.

In the end, the chronicles of sports stars like Will Levis, intertwined with their personal lives, enrich our perspectives, making us realize that behind every jersey number is a heart with its own beats and breaks.

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