Brussels shooting: Football fans barricaded in stadium as cops hunt gunman who killed 2 and terror threat level raised

Brussels shooting: Football fans barricaded in stadium as cops hunt gunman who killed 2 and terror threat level raised

FOOTBALL fans have tonight been barricaded in a stadium after two supports were shot dead nearby.

The victims – both wearing Sweden football shirts – were killed moments before their team’s Euro 2024 qualifier match against Belgium.


Police cordon off an area where a shooting took place in the center of Brussels[/caption]

The police perimeter at the site of the shooting incident
The shooter was wearing a fluorescent orange jacket
Not known, clear with picture desk
A video online appears to show a man claiming responsibility for the attack
A second weapon left at the scene

The alleged shooter is still on the run hours after the horror unfolded at 7pm around three miles from Brussels’ King Baudouin Stadium .

The city has raised its terror alert to the highest level.

Tonight’s match was stopped as panic ensued among supporters, who have now been barricaded inside the stadium.

Thousands of terrified fans – including 700 Swedes – are trapped inside.

Pictures show tearful Swedish fans phoning relatives and removing their jerseys as Belgium’s Crisis Centre says it plans to “safely escort” them out.

Video shared online shows the alleged gunman in a fluorescent orange jacket arriving on a moped just three miles from the Heizel stadium earlier tonight.

The alleged shooter then chases several people into a building while firing shots from an automatic rifle.

It is believed he first shot at a van, with one victim dying inside.

Meanwhile, a third victim has been rushed to hospital.

No suspect has yet been arrested.

A second video shared on social media shows a man in an orange fluorescent jacket claiming responsibility for the attack.

While speaking in Arabic he appears to outline a terrorist manifesto.

Cops are now urgently hunting the gunman and Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has asked residents to be “vigilant”.

He said: “My deepest condolences to the relatives of the cowardly assassination attempt in Brussels

“I monitor developments together with the Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs from the national crisis center

“We are monitoring the situation and would like to ask the residents of Brussels to be vigilant.”


Security services and ministers are currently gathered at a Crisis Center.

The terror threat level for the Brussels Capital Region has been raised to level 4 – with officials telling locals to “avoid unnecessary movements”.

Regions are placed under level four “when the threat is serious and very imminent”.

Photos show a smaller gun left behind at the scene.

One witness told HBVL:  “There was soon a crowd, including the police.

“I saw the victim less than five meters away from me. A man about 40 years old.

“And then a black Mercedes Vito with two or three bullet holes in it.

“Inside was the driver dead. The injured passenger, half his body filled with blood, but conscious.”

It comes as Sweden were tonight playing Belgium in a Euro qualifier match.

The nearby stadium has a capacity for 50,000 fans.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office said an investigation had been opened but did not speculate on the gunman’s motive.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that two people had been killed in a shooting incident near the centre of the Belgian capital but declined to give further details.

A UEFA spokesperson said: “Following a suspected terrorist attack in Brussels this evening, it has been decided, after consultation with the two teams and the local police authorities, that the UEFA EURO 2024 qualifying match between Belgium and Sweden is abandoned. Further communication will be made in due course.”


Swedish fans inside the King Baudouin Stadium[/caption]


Fans were seen calling terrified relatives[/caption]

Blegium fans fleeing the stadium after the match was called off
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