I found a secret room in my house hidden behind a cupboard – we made a terrifying discovery and caught it all on video

I found a secret room in my house hidden behind a cupboard – we made a terrifying discovery and caught it all on video

A WOMAN found a secret room in her house sneakily hidden behind a cupboard and caught the terrifying discovery on video.

The hidden room made the homeowner feel “creeped out” at what sat in her family home.

Reddit/FoundyouforeverThe hidden room was behind a tiny door in Lydia’s sisters room[/caption]

Reddit//FoundyouforeverBehind the creepy door was porn, a calendar, empty cans, medicine bottles, a backpack, sleeping bag and a whole mattress and pillow[/caption]

In a video originally shared to Reddit’s hugely popular /r/weird subreddit, a woman known as Lydia gave viewers a look inside the mysterious space.

Lydia had only recently moved into the New York home that was over 100 years old.

The house was full of interesting things but none was more intriguing that what laid behind the old wooden door.

Lydia said: “It was my younger sister and our mom that found the room.

“The door is in my sister’s closet, and she just assumed that it was a regular cabinet.

“She’d tried to open it before, but the door and the latch were all janky, and she was afraid she’d break it if she forced it open.”

After days of waiting Lydia and her daughter plucked up enough courage and forced the door open.

To everyone shock and horror they found a used sleeping bag, a black backpack and some discarded food in the small room.

The backpack had old cans of beer and medicine bottles in it.

People quickly jumped to the conclusion that someone must’ve been phrogging in the house at one point.

Phrogging refers to living in someone’s house secretly without them knowing at all.

Just last year a man was caught living in a couple’s home when they returned from vacation as he allegedly wanted to “play doctor” with them.

The man was then arrested after he had laid out knives and asked if he could make the couple perfect.

However, Lydia had her doubts over that suggestion and preferred to see it in a lighter way.

She said: “My guess is that a teenager found it and used it as a hidey-hole for things they might not want their parents to find.”

Lydia’s suspicion grew as after a closer look she found old condom wrappers, porn magazines and a dirty mattress.

Her two young sisters weren’t sold on the idea that it was just an old hideout and felt uneasy living in the house anymore.

Lydia went on to tell Newsweek: “They have been pretty creeped out and hate having to walk through the house at night.”

The family also found an old calendar dating back to 1980 in there that calmed down fears a little as it showed the secret door hasn’t been used for a while.

The post got over 12,000 upvotes and 1,100 people were eager to speak about the fascinating discovery.

A lot of the comments were making smart suggestions about Lydia selling the room off as a studio apartment to Airbnb with many being bewildered by how the mattress fitted through the tiny door.

When asked why the Reddit post blew up so much she said: “I guess people just love to see creepy weird things happening to other people.

“We moved here about two weeks ago from across the country, and we’d never even seen the house in-person before moving.

“So I’m hoping that’s the last kinda-gross discovery we make.”

Eerie hidden rooms are pretty common around the world with a couple finding one inside their kitchen cupboard.

The secret hideaway has no other entrance ways other than through the makeshift passage but inside is a window – and enough space for a small office or extra secret bathroom.

A TikToker revealed this year that she was left terrified after finding a hidden room in her bathroom.

Steph uploaded a video showing the mystery spot concealed behind shelves that had creepy paintings inside.

Previously, a couple were stunned to find a secret room in their basement – but it was hiding an extremely weird feature.

Reddit/FoundyouforeverThe Reddit post got a lot of attention with some saying the family could have a phrogger or it was a naughty teens hidden room[/caption]

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