I’m a real-life Barbie who’s spent £100,000 becoming a ‘plastic bimbo’ – now I’ve made ANOTHER major change to my look

I’m a real-life Barbie who’s spent £100,000 becoming a ‘plastic bimbo’ – now I’ve made ANOTHER major change to my look

A WOMAN who has spent more than £100,000 to become a “real-life Barbie” has shocked her fans by making another huge change to her appearance.

Now, Swedish “bimbo” Alicia Amira has sent her fans into a frenzy after removing her tattoos – including her large neck piece.

Alicia’s dramatic looks took a change recently when she removed her tattoos

The blonde Barbie has now removed her tattoos, to the delight of her fans

Instagram/@aliciaxamiraThe Barbie has now removed her tattoos – shocking her fans[/caption]

The 31-year-old’s bizarre makeover began when she quit her job as a PR executive at age 21, it was reported.

She has since had multiple operations on her breasts, forehead, eyes, cheeks and lips – and cheek fillers, nasal fillers, facial Botox, PDO threads, chin filler and jaw filler.

In a video posted recently, Alicia posed in a hot pink bikini and mini skirt, and said: “I removed all my tattoos and it turns out I’m even more plastic looking than we already knew and I LOVE IT.”

The shocking change in her appearance has sent fans into a frenzy, with many loving her new tattoo-less look.

One commented: “Woah, in one session? Or is this makeup?”

Another chimed in: “Better than before. You are a wonderful Barbie Princess.”

One woman said: “Without tattoos, you look more Barbie than ever.”

Alicia has not shared whether it was laser removal surgery or the help of makeup which assisted in her makeover, but fans love it nonetheless.

Previously, Alicia estimated she had dropped nearly £100,000 for her dramatic look, but was content with her financial decisions.

To fund her life and modifications, she also makes “bimbo porn” which she sells to fans.

She said: “I could have lived a normal life if I wanted to.

“I’m proud of my journey, every step of it and all the steps I’m about to take.”

Alicia also said she doesn’t think she will ever stop getting surgery – because bimbos “don’t age, they become more and more plastic.”

She also claimed her transformation was driven by her passion to uphold “conservative” values.

The “bimbo barbie” aspires to look like a sex doll, and shared shocking before and after photos of her on This Morning in 2021.

Speaking to Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary on This Morning earlier, she said: “I’ve always been happy with the way I look, it’s more I find inspiration in body modification.

“I love plastic surgery, I lover fillers, I’m amazed and fascinated by blonde women with big breasts.”

Alicia is unrecognisable in photos taken before her transformation3

The self proclaimed “bimbo Barbie” began surgeries at age 21

She’s dropped a whopping £100,000 on her looks

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