Inside glam life of the world’s youngest president Daniel Noboa elected at 35 with stunning wife & £250m banana fortune

Inside glam life of the world’s youngest president Daniel Noboa elected at 35 with stunning wife & £250m banana fortune

THE world’s youngest head of state enjoys a wildly glam life alongside his blonde bombshell wife funded by his £250million banana fortune.

Daniel Noboa – elected president of Ecuador this week aged 35 – is heir to his dad’s global fruit empire and only entered politics two years ago.

NewsflashDaniel Noboa lives a glamorous life as Ecuador’s youngest president, alongside his wife Lavinia Valbonesi[/caption]

NewsflashThe power couple share a son, Alvaro[/caption]

NewsflashThe social media influencer will become First Lady of Ecuador when her husband is inaugurated president next month[/caption]

NewsflashThe 25-year-old married Noboa in August 2021 and is expecting her second child in February next year[/caption]

He is now believed to be the youngest president currently serving in the world – rivalled only by Ibrahim Traore of Burkina Faso whose approximate age is believed to be 35.

Born Daniel Roy-Gilchrist Noboa Azín in 1987, Daniel is the son of businessman Alvaro Noboa and physician Anabella Azin.

His father, the richest man in Ecuador with a combined wealth of over £820million, owns Noboa Corporation, a company that exports bananas – the country’s main crop.

Noboa is set to inherit the huge business that began as a banana trade but now boasts more than 128 companies in dozens of countries around the globe.

He has already joined the mega-corporation, where he has served as director of maritime ventures and also commercial director between 2010 and 2018.

Forbes magazine estimated the Noboa family had a staggering net worth of £250million thanks to the lucrative banana business.

His wealth puts him at the top of Ecuador’s elite.

But as well as being next-in-line to the fruit business throne, the Ecuadorian leader also earned a respectable name for himself in the politics world.

Noboa’s political career only began in 2021 after he bagged a seat in the National Assembly.

Noboa chaired its Economic Development Commission where he poured his heart into creating jobs, tax incentives for start-up businesses, and increased criminal sentences for tax evaders.

And with only two years of experience in the world of politics, the businessman was crowned winner of Ecuador’s presidential election with 52.1 per cent of the vote on October 15.

His triumphant win has made him the youngest serving president in Ecuador’s history.

As leader, Noboa has also pledged to improve the justice system in the country that is plagued with violence.

Ecuador is currently struggling with a drug trafficking problem, and Fernando Villavicencion, an anti-corruption activist, was assassinated in August while running for the presidency.

Noboa vowed to immediately begin rebuilding “a country that has been seriously hit by violence, corruption and hatred.”

His banana-tycoon father unsuccessfully ran for president five times before Noboa was elected.

Noboa shares his great success with his stunning wife, Lavinia Valbonesi, 25.

He met the nutrition and social media influencer in 2019 when he hired her as his personal nutritionist.

Noboa was attempting to lose weight while he was married to his ex-wife Gabriela Goldbaum, who he shares a daughter with.

Valbonesi stole the heart of the mega-wealthy businessman and the pair tied the knot on August 28, 2021.

Taking to Instagram on their wedding anniversary, the bride showed off her stunning white gown as she walked down the aisle of a rustic venue.

She wrote under her post: “We are a EVERYTHING and a WE.
We’re our favorite combo, our perfect company. We are best friends, we are best life partners.

“WE ARE EVERYTHING. We are the most sacred: the freedom to be each other and the decision to be better together”.

The power couple share one son, Alvaro, and earlier this month it was revealed that Valbonesi was expecting her second child with Noboa – due in February next year.

During an interview with Radio Centro, the mum-to-be expressed her “horror” when Noboa shifted from his business career to politics when he ran for the National Assembly in 2021.

But, she quickly changed her mind after joining Noboa on his campaign trail.

In August 2023, when her husband came in second place and advanced to the run-off, Valbonesi was the most searched person on Google in Ecuador.

She used her social media status to influence Noboa’s campaign with the younger voters and boost his image.

The blonde bombshell remained popular through her fashion style during the campaign trail where she would wear chic white outfits – and even wore a white bulletproof vest during campaign events.

It recently emerged that the star took her style hints from one of the world’s greatest fashion icons.

“I am inspired by Lady Diana,Italian newspaper Republica reported her saying.

In the weeks leading to the run-off election, supporters of Noboa began promoting the idea of Valbonesi becoming first lady rather than her husband becoming president.

Her Guayaquil-based restaurant Green Deli, began selling the “First Lady Smoothie” before Noboa was crowned president.

The fitness fanatic is now set to become the youngest first lady of Ecuador when Noboa is inaugurated on November 25.

She has said that one of her first initiatives as first lady is to provide assistance to single mothers across Ecuador.

With over 381,000 followers on her Instagram channel, the nutrition expert’s page is full of photos of the couple and their son in stunning locations across their home country.

One post shows the family hugging in front of lush greenery, and others are located in front of stunning sunset backdrops and luxuriously made-up rooms.

But Noboa’s journey to empire heir and president started long before any of this.

At just 18 years old the savvy businessman, a student at the time, founded his own company, DNA Entertainment Group, dedicated to organising events.

Brazilian media also revealed earlier this month that Noboa is the owner of two offshore companies located in Panama, while also being linked to several other companies owned by his father in tax havens.

NewsflashValbonesi’s Instagram page is filled with photos of the family in luxurious settings across Ecuador[/caption]

NewsflashThe influencer said one of her main initiatives as First Lady will be to support single mothers across Ecuador[/caption]

NewsflashValbonesi used her social media status to boost Noboa’s image with the younger voters during his campaign trial[/caption]

NewsflashValbonesi met Noboa when he hired her to help him lose weight in 2019[/caption]

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