I make £400 a month renting half my bed to STRANGERS – ‘hot-bedding’ isn’t dirty…it’s perfect if you’re lonely and skint

I make £400 a month renting half my bed to STRANGERS – ‘hot-bedding’ isn’t dirty…it’s perfect if you’re lonely and skint

THIS woman makes a cool £400 a month by running an unusual side hustle – but says its perfect if you’re lonely.

Monique Jeremiah rents out the other side of her bed in a “business transaction” called “hot bedding” – providing cheap sleep and a warm bed.

Jam Press/Matthew BeswickMonique Jeremiah makes cash on the side through sharing her bed[/caption]

monique_jeremiah_model/InstagramThe quirky side hustle brings in an extra £400 per month[/caption]

The savvy businesswoman, from Queensland, Australia, charges £86 per week for people to shack up in her bed.

Over the course of a year, her quirky side hustle can earn her just short of £4,500. 

The money helps her pay off her mortgage and includes electricity, water and internet bills for the sub-tenant. 

And she says it’s ideal for those struggling with bills or feeling lonely: “It’s the perfect avenue to save money, live simply, and of course not be alone.

“Hot bedding is excellent for people who are able to detach emotionally and sleep next to another person in a completely respectful and non-strings-attached manner.”

Monique, who identifies as sapiosexual, says it’s perfect for those who may value companionship over a physical relationship.

But she stressed that communication is important, and those sharing a bed should communicate space, values and boundaries before beginning.

She said: “It is just like sharing a room with two beds; however, you only sleep in the same bed together, so you definitely want a big bed and lots of space in the room to make it worthwhile.”

Monique began her “hot bedding” side hustle during the height of Covid, when she found herself single and struggling in her career.

She said: “I knew my only option was to innovate and think outside the box, and that’s how I decided to do hot bedding.

“Why sleep alone when you can sleep with a companion, with someone with the same discipline and drive, while making money in your sleep?”

But she also warned about the dangers of hot bedding and urged homeowners to be cautious before offering up half of their mattress. 

“Make sure the person has good values, they are open-minded, respectful and only want a platonic relationship,” she says.

“I think someone with a good business mind and someone who values companionship would be great.”

Due to her demanding work schedule as a model, reality TV star and entrepreneur, she hasn’t found the time to hot bed in recent months.

However, it’s something Monique would definitely consider again in the future to help pay her mortgage. 

Jam Press/Mike ScottHer unique business model sees her sharing a bed with strangers[/caption]

Jam PressBut the savvy businesswoman says its perfect if you’re lonely or poor[/caption]

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