Mum-of-two social media star Roberta Correa dies after undergoing fat removal op at ‘unauthorised’ clinic

Mum-of-two social media star Roberta Correa dies after undergoing fat removal op at ‘unauthorised’ clinic

A SOCIAL media star and mum-of-two tragically has died after suffering a seizure at a dodgy cosmetic clinic.

Roberta Correa, 44, had booked a fat removal treatment in Cosmópolis, Brazil, but began to feel unwell shortly after receiving anaesthesia.

Jam PressRoberta Correa suffered a seizure in the clinic[/caption]

NewsflashShe leaves behind her husband and two children[/caption]

NewsflashShe’s been remembered as a “selfless and generous” woman[/caption]

The endolaser procedure was intended to remove localised fat and reduce sagging by using laser energy to heat and remove fat cells.

Normally the procedure is minimally invasive and has a quick recovery time – but Roberta suffered a seizure shortly after the treatment began.

The social media star was rushed to hospital from the clinic before the procedure could be completed, and was unable to be saved.

Now, authorities have said the unnamed clinic Roberta visited was not authorised to carry out the procedure in question.

Local health officials closed the facility down after her death on October 13, as they await autopsy results.

Roberta’s cousin Paola Eliza Lück de Paula claimed the procedure went forward despite the Roberta complaining of discomfort.

Paola told local media: “She started feeling chills, and from what we know, they said it was normal.

“The procedure began, and shortly after, presumably in pain or convulsing, she asked them to stop.”

Roberta leaves behind two sons, Lucas and Vinícius, and her husband Anastácio.

Before her death, Robert worked as an event photographer, communication director of the local football club Cosmopolitano FC and a producer for the YouTube music channel Presuntinho TV.

She also had a heavy social media presence, and often shared glimpses into her life as a photographer.

Roberta was buried on October 16, and police are now investigating her death as a possible manslaughter case.

Her mourning cousin added: “There’s no way to explain how we’re feeling.

“It’s very sad to know that a life was lost over such a trivial, silly situation. Unfortunately, we lost a life. A fantastic person with many projects and dreams.

“We want to find out what happened so we don’t let Roberta’s death pass with nothing happening.”

The social media star has been remembered by her work colleagues at Cosmopolitan Football Club as “selfless and generous”.

They said: “Her cheerful personality built true friendships and made being with her wonderful. With exemplary conduct, she inspired us all.

“To her family, we can only express our sincere tributes, offering our support and solidarity.

“What is up to us from now on is to honour her memory, making this club that Roberta loved so much better and better. May she continue to watch over us from above.”

Another Brazilian woman died from cardiac arrest after a liposuction surgery removed “five stone” of fat.

Dayana Loy de Oliveira Freire, from Brazil, paid £8,200 for the fat removal procedure with money she saved.

But during the operation on September 13 her heart rate slowed as her liposuction incisions were being closed, which culminated in a cardiac arrest.

Mum of two Roberta Correa died while undergoing the surgeryJam Press

NewsflashRoberta was buried earlier this week[/caption]

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