Inside firebombed shell of murdered Harry Potter fan Noya Dan’s home after 12-year-old killed by Hamas terrorists

Inside firebombed shell of murdered Harry Potter fan Noya Dan’s home after 12-year-old killed by Hamas terrorists

HORRIFIC pictures have revealed what was left of an autistic girl’s home after she was killed by Hamas terrorists.

What was once the home of Harry Potter fan Noya Dan, 12, has been reduced to burned and bloodstained ruins.

EPANoya Dan’s home was reduced to bloodstained ruins[/caption]

Noya’s girl’s family confirmed the death of the Harry Potter fan

Doug SeeburgThe frame of an electric cooker stands among piles of ash[/caption]

A once-white mattress was turned red with splattered blood all over it, also spilled over to the light walls.

The same blood covered some light blue bedding and children’s toys are scattered around the bedroom floor.

The frame of an electric cooker stands among piles of ash and broken crockery, while the fridge was left burnt and buckled.

The shelves were incinerated and the home’s ceiling collapsed.

The plasterboard walls have tumbled to the ground and the home’s windows were smashed.

Garden ornaments are also blackened and broken, and a washing basket is filled with debris.

A child’s bike was also stamped upon and twisted.

Noya and her grandma, 80, were kidnapped from the Nir Oz Kibbutz when Hamas gunmen stormed across the border on October 7.

Nir Oz is the closest kibbutz community to the Hamas stronghold of Gaza.

Escorted in by Israeli troops, a Sun team learned of yet more atrocities committed by the savage who triggered the Israeli crisis.

The youngster’s ordeal was shared by Harry Potter author JK Rowling as she called for hostages to be set free.

But Noya’s devastated family today confirmed she and her nan had been found dead by rescuers.

Noya’s mum listened helplessly as her daughter and elderly mother were abducted by Hamas terrorists.

Galit Dan, 53, was five miles away when terrified Noya whispered in her last message: “There was a big boom at the door that scared me.

“All the windows in grandma’s house were broken at the entrance.

“Because there was another boom, there are many broken windows.

“Mummy I’m scared. There are people in the house — help me.”

As Noya and Carmela were missing, Galit held out hope they would be among the 150-plus hostages taken to Gaza.

JK Rowling this week slammed the Hamas attacks especially the kidnapping of children following news of Noya’s disappearance.

She shared a photo of Noya wearing a Harry Potter costume on X and wrote in the caption: “Kidnapping children is despicable and wholly unjustifiable.

“For obvious reasons, this picture has hit home with me. May Noya and all hostages taken by Hamas be returned soon, safely, to their families.”

The IDF announced today there is a total of 203 people being kept hostage by Hamas.

Among the casualties is also 17-year-old Ruth Perez, a disabled girl who had travelled to the Supernova festival to “communicate through music”.

The bodies of Ruth and her dad Erick Peretz were found yesterday near the site of the festival after they were “brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists,” Israel said on an X post.

The Nova music festival was the first target of Hamas terrorists when they launched a surprise attack on October 7.

The 12-year-old girl and her grandma were believed to have been kept hostage by Hamas

AFPThe horror resulted from the merciless Hamas killings spread across all rooms[/caption]

Doug SeeburgGarden ornaments are also blackened and broken[/caption]

Doug SeeburgThe roof completely collapsed after the home burned down[/caption]

Doug SeeburgWhat seemed like a small kitchen and living room was also ravaged[/caption]

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