Dark handsome bull named Romeo believed to be the world’s TALLEST at 6ft 3in…he’s the strong, silent type

Dark handsome bull named Romeo believed to be the world’s TALLEST at 6ft 3in…he’s the strong, silent type

A DARK, handsome cow affectionately named Romeo could be the world’s tallest bovine at an astounding 6ft 3in.

The stunning Holstein steer is believed to be taller than the current record-holder, a 6ft 1in bull named Tommy based in Massachusetts.

Jam Press/Welcome Home Animal SaRomeo has lived at a rescue farm his entire life[/caption]

Facebook/welcomehomeanimalsanctuaryThe big boy is said to be a gentle giant[/caption]

Romeo has lived at the Welcome Home Animal Sanctuary in Creswell, Oregon, since he was 10 days old.

Volunteers rescued him from a veal crate at a dairy and brought him back to their vegan farm sanctuary.

Founder of Welcome Home, Misty Moore, said: “He was rescued from a lady who went to a dairy and she saw all the calves from the crates and was able to secure the release of five of them.

“Once she got them from that dairy, she contacted the sanctuary and we were able to take Romeo and Milo.”

Moore said the sanctuary is currently in the process of having Romeo recognised by Guinness World Records as the planet’s tallest cow.

A sanctuary spokesperson said: “According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the tallest living cow is 6′ 1″ at his withers.

“Romeo stands 6′ 3 3/8″ at his withers! Could Romeo be the tallest living cow? Perhaps!”

The adorable bovine has been filmed wandering around his digs without a care in the world, as humans gawk at his size.

The sanctuary said: “Despite his size, Romeo still runs and plays like a puppy.

“He’s a gentle giant who is sensitive, inquisitive, and incredibly intelligent. Cows are friends, not food!”

The world’s current largest bull stands at 6ft tall and loves cinnamon buns.

Tommy, a 13-year-old purebred Brown Swiss, lives with his owners Fred and Laurie on a farm in Massachussets.

The huge steer has lived with Fred Balawender and his daughter Laurie Cuevas since he was just a day old.

Despite being a large calf, they never anticipated he would reach the impressive height of 1.87m, recognised by Guinness World Records as the World’s Tallest Living Steer.

While Tommy might have bagged the title for tallest living cow, sadly, he’s not the biggest beast of the breed.

Knickers, a Holstein Friesian, living in Australia, had to be spared the chop as she was too enormous to fit into an abattoir.

Measuring 6ft 4in and weighing in at an incredible 1.4 tonnes, the behemoth bovine proved bulls – who usually reach about 5ft 10in – don’t have all the fun.

Sadly Knickers passed away in 2020, leaving Tommy’s newfound title open for grabs.

But the badge of honour was contested during Knicker’s height of fame in 2018, when a Canadian farmer claimed his cow was even taller.

Karl Schoenrock said his own steer, Dozer, measured in at a staggering 6ft 5in.

Jam Press Vid/Welcome Home AnimaThe stunning bovine has gone viral online[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/Welcome Home AnimaHis head towers over the tall barbed wire fence[/caption]

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