I have to live in my CAR after my landlord priced me out – I don’t have a shower so I use the ‘tissue plug’ trick

I have to live in my CAR after my landlord priced me out – I don’t have a shower so I use the ‘tissue plug’ trick

THIS retiree has been forced to live in her tiny car after she was priced out of her flat by her landlord.

Susannah Tuxford, 78, retired in 2014 after working for more than five decades.

9newsSusannah and her pooch live in the small car[/caption]

9newsSusannah cried as she explained her living situation[/caption]

9newsShe’s forced to sleep in her car and eat food donated[/caption]

But her rent became too expensive to afford so she has been forced to move into her car with dog

The 78-year-old, from Queensland, Australia, feels she has been abandoned.

Susannah said she reached out to the government for assistance, but they were unable to do anything.

She told 9News: “I pay all that money, all those years and the government isn’t helping anybody like me.

“I didn’t have a shower for two weeks, I just went in the bathroom, and used the hand basin there.”

Susannah has been forced to use “tissue plugs” to bathe, stuffing public bathroom sinks with tissues so she can wash.

She survives through the generosity of local charities, who drop off sandwiches for her to eat – but the situation has left her feeling “embarrassed”.

And Susannah has no family remaining in Australia, meaning she has no other choice than to live in her small SUV.

Queensland Opposition Leader David Crisafulli said: “How have we reached this point in Queensland when somebody has paid taxes all their lives in her golden years, because of a lack of housing investment, has to live in a park?”

After news of Susannah’s situation gained attention, she was offered a place in an elderly care home – but says she doesn’t need that, just “a roof over her head”.

It’s not just old folks who are turning to their cars for a home – one young man unable to afford rent also moved into his car.

Tiktoker NomadicRyan took to the social media site to reveal how he lives inside his vehicle.

He explained: “I can’t afford rent. It’s too expensive and they keep rising it.

“I just don’t make enough to pay rent and buy food, bills, take care of myself and have good experiences.”

He added: “I just want to live life and don’t have to worry about rent because that’s the most stressful thing in my life. It’s so unnecessarily expensive.

“I just feel I’m wasting my life away trying to hustle and crying just to pay rent and seeing that money disappearing every single month.”

It comes as another woman left her old life behind to live in her car on a strict budget – and absolutely loves it.

Dee opted for the nomad lifestyle after a divorce made her rethink her living situation.

9newsMeals on Wheels delivers to Susannah[/caption]

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