Bond-style plot to assassinate Russian air force top brass as cake & whiskey laced with POISON delivered to reunion bash

Bond-style plot to assassinate Russian air force top brass as cake & whiskey laced with POISON delivered to reunion bash

CAKE and booze laced with deadly poison was allegedly delivered to a Russian military bash in a Ukrainian plot to assassinate dozens of top pilots.

The Bond-style plan to take out Putin’s top-brass cronies at the elite military academy was reportedly thwarted at the last minute.

East2WestRussian graduates of Armavir Higher Military Aviation School, where many top brass pilots have been trained[/caption]

East2WestThe 20 kilogram cake was reportedly filled with poison to take out senior air force pilots at the reunion bash[/caption]

East2WestThe alleged attempted poisoner, E Semenov, was detained and confessed to the Bond-style assassination plot[/caption]

But 77 guests avoided the killer treats as a pro-war Telegram channel reported “everyone is alive” following the alleged plot.

Russian pilots, some who’ve fought in Putin‘s failing war against Ukraine, were marking the 20th anniversary of their graduation from the Armavir Higher Military Aviation School.

The guests included many highly decorated and senior ranking pilots from the Class of 2003. 

And while the deadly 20 kilogram cake was cut, it was apparently left untouched.

When the pilots tried to identity the seemingly generous donor, academy staff found CCTV footage of a man delivering it. 

He was swiftly tracked by Russia’s elaborate facial recognition tech as being from Melitopol in Ukraine, channel Flightbomber alleged.

He was also claimed to have rushed from the academy to Stavropol airport after delivering the poisoned goods, possibly to fly to Moscow and flee Russia. 

The alleged attempted poisoner was identified as 32-year-old E Semenov, 32, and according to the channel was detained before he confessed to the assassination attempt.

It also claimed Ukrainian military intelligence services were responsible for the alleged bid to wipe out dozens of Russian pilots.

“He immediately told everything – about the cake with a potent poison, which bottles were poisoned right away, and which ones he bought to top the present up,” Flightbomber claimed. 

“He explained how he knew the number of guests, and where the celebration would take place. 

“Even the aviation school emblem, drawn on top of the cake, was the current emblem.”

The pro-war Telegram channel, with almost half a million subscribers, is run by a former military ace pilot and has close links to the Russian air force.

A picture of the detained man was published by Baza media outlet. 

Reports did not say which poison was allegedly used. 

The man is suspected of ordering the cake from a local confectioner in Armavir, in the Krasnodar region. 

“By pure chance and thanks to the conscientiousness of the officers, who put the anonymous cake and the booze aside, no-one had time to eat the cake or taste the booze,” said the channel.

“It would have been a disaster. 77 guests. 

“But everybody is alive. GUR [Ukrainian military intelligence] failed, and it’s good.”

Russian secret services are reportedly hunting for “confectioners and others involved in the failed sabotage”.

A number of pilots from the academy hold the Kremlin’s highest honour – Hero of Russia. 

There has been no official comment from Russian law enforcement on the alleged poisoning attempt at one of the country’s most prestigious military academies, founded by Stalin in 1940.

Flightbomber went on to warn Russian pilots of the risk of assassination by Ukraine. 

“Remember that there is a war going on,” cautioned the channel. 

“A graduate of an aviation school like yourself is…a good target. 

“And also Ukrainians make media victories from these kinds of deaths…. Keep in mind that you cannot only be poisoned. 

“There are also a thousand other ways to kill. Be careful.”

The alleged plot comes just weeks after Russian secret services were reportedly investigating an attempt from “within their own ranks” to kill Vladimir Putin.

They were apparently hunting a supposed FSB agent who was ‘boasting’ about taking down the dictator at a karaoke club in Moscow.

An informant, named Mikhail Yurchenko, told the Telegram channel VChK-OGPU – which has close links to Vlad’s security agencies- the “agent” was gloating about being given the “task” to “remove” the dictator.

The bizarre claim came from a meeting at Honey, a Moscow club and known haunt of Russian security services operatives.

The Russian dictator is known for taking his security extremely seriously and lives in constant fear of being assassinated.

East2West77 guests, including the Class of 2003 who were celebrating their graduation anniversary, avoided the killer treats[/caption]

East2WestRussian pilots at Armavir Higher Military Aviation School[/caption]

ReutersIt comes weeks after Russian secret services were reportedly investigating an attempt from ‘within their own ranks’ to kill Putin[/caption]

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