Being PAID £8k to snatch hostages and selfies with child captives…Hamas brutes’ unimaginable terror in their own words

Being PAID £8k to snatch hostages and selfies with child captives…Hamas brutes’ unimaginable terror in their own words

HAMAS terrorists have admitted to a litany of sick crimes against Israeli civilians in newly-released interrogation footage.

The gunmen revealed they were ordered to kill innocent “young” men and take others, including the elderly, women, and children, hostage.

One man revealed terrorists were promised an apartment and $10,000 for every person captured

Another terrorist said his mission was to ‘cleanse and conquer’ Kfar Azza kibbutz

The man described how they took a selfie with a teenage girl before kidnapping her

Hamas recorded their massacre on horror body cam footage later collected by Israel

One said whoever kidnapped or captured a person and brought them back to Gaza was given $10,000 and an apartment.

He said: “Because they want those kidnapped, as many as possible.

“The goal of our infiltration for them was to capture and kidnap as many as possible.”

Israel‘s Security Authority and police jointly interrogated six Hamas operatives who participated in the bloody massacre of October 7.

Each detailed what they were ordered to do by Hamas, and the incentives they were offered for certain tasks.

They spoke of setting homes on fire, shooting civilian families, and taking a selfie with a teenage girl before kidnapping her.

One said he shot an old woman while another explained what happened when Israelis sought refuge in their home’s safe rooms.

When asked what he did in Be’eri, a kibbutz in southern Israel where at least 130 people were killed on October 7, a terrorist said he saw an elderly woman and man aged about 45 captured and taken to Gaza.

He explained: “When we went back, they took out a young girl, about 15 or 16.

“The young girl stood and they took a selfie with her. Some of them said to shoot her, others said ‘don’t shoot her, kidnap her’.

“They took pictures with her, someone took a selfie with her, and put her on his motorcycle.”

The same man described how the terrorists targeted a family hiding in the safe room of their house with the door closed.

He said: “Amed and Abu Abeidah went out and said, ‘The Jews are here!’ There was a window there closed with iron. They said [to the people inside], ‘Open and get out!’

“They were scared and didn’t want to get out. They left an explosive device, a stepping line. They put it on the window and exploded the window. It created a small narrow opening – somebody set a piece of fabric on fire and said, ‘We’ll choke them with smoke.’

“The young woman got scared and opened the window. Then somebody came from the side, I remember seeing his appearance but I don’t know his name. He shouted, ‘They killed our children and our women’ and started shooting them.”

The man claimed the unnamed person proceeded to shoot about 10 bullets, killing a young woman, her mother and father, and their pet dog.

He said he discovered a woman whose head had “exploded” lying on the floor, and shot her in the back.

The terrorist continued: “After I shot, Salama screamed at me, ‘Why did you shoot? You’re wasting your bullets!’”

Another man admitted to using a family “in their pyjamas” as a “human shield”.

Each of the men interrogated said their religion of Islam prohibited the murder of women, children, and babies and that the atrocities they committed were no different to those committed by ISIS.

It comes as a grandmother released by Hamas has spoken of the “hell” she went through while imprisoned in Gaza’s “spider web” of terror tunnels.

Traumatised Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, survived two weeks at the hands of the terrorists who beat and dragged her deep into their lair.

She said today: “I went through a nightmare we couldn’t have imagined. I constantly have the images of what happened repeating in my mind.”

Meanwhile, horror footage of Hamas terrorists blowing up a father with a grenade in front of his kids has come to light.

It is part of a grisly compilation of footage released by Israel as a captive Hamas fighter claims he was under direct orders to “behead” innocents.

Another terrorist admitted to using a family as a ‘human shield’

He said the family were ‘in their pyjamas’

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