I told my parents that their son was DEAD… they only found out the truth when he called them up six months later

I told my parents that their son was DEAD… they only found out the truth when he called them up six months later

A WOMAN played the ultimate prank on her parents after telling them that their son had died – until he called them out of the blue six months later.

Callum, from New Zealand, spilled all on the bizarre story of how his sisters killed him off for nearly half a year.

TikTok/@fvhzmCallum called in to ZM Radio and left the hosts baffled with his death prank story[/caption]

TikTok/@fvhzmThe presenters said it was the ‘best’ story they had heard in 20 years[/caption]

The man called in to the ZM Radio show and left hosts Carl Fletcher, Vaughan Smith and Hayley Sproull speechless from the “best” story they had ever heard.

Callum revealed that his sisters were having difficulties getting on with their parents at the time of the prank, while he was living in Wellington and they were located in Christchurch.

“My older sister actually called my parents up and told them that I’d died,” he shockingly explained.

His sisters then cunningly made their story fool proof by claiming the funeral had already taken place and their parents hadn’t been invited because his ex-girlfriend’s mum and dad “didn’t want them there”.

At this point, a baffled Smith said: “I’m going to say this, and in the nicest possible way – your sister sounds like a crazy b****”.

But aside from his sister’s crazy antics, the hosts were even more interested in how Callum kept up playing dead and not speaking to his parents for half a year.

He explained: “I was just busy with life and work and then I was like, wait, I haven’t heard from my parents in a while. I wonder what’s going on?”

He then revealed that he “gave them a call up” and was left shocked when they responded: “You’re alive?”

Asked how they reacted upon hearing the voice of their presumed dead son, Callum admitted they were “beside themselves”.

“My mum was absolutely in tears and my dad was kind of just gobsmacked – he was just like ‘what the f**k is going on?’” he recounted.

Later he revealed his parents were “over the moon” when he went to visit them to reassure his poor parents that he was in fact, alive.

The hosts quizzed him on how his parents so easily accepted the news of his supposed passing without trying to verify it on their own.

“They were kind of like just running around, calling up all our other family – seeing if they had heard anything, from what I was told,” he explained.

“And then they didn’t really know anything to go off so my parents kind of just presumed ‘yeah he died’.”

Left stunned, the presenters debated among themselves whether they would call someone up if you’d heard they had died.

“If somebody said that your friend is dead, you’re not going to pick up the phone and call them, are you? You’re just going to be like, oh, well, yeah, they’re dead,” Fletcher quipped.

But Smith said that he would likely get drunk and call their voicemail just to hear their voice.

After the hosts had settled their own debate, they asked Callum the million dollar question – how he had “died” according to his sisters.

And it wasn’t from a car accident or choking on his lunch – apparently they told his parents that their brother had been stabbed.

“Wait wait wait. So you are murdered?” Smith joked.

“You’re not dead by your own hand or dead in an accident, someone murdered you?”

He then asked Callum if he was “the sort of person who would have been stabbed?”, to which he replied: “I was not in some gangs but I will say, at the point in time, it wouldn’t have been unpeculiar for me to get stabbed.”

Callum then went on to insist that he didn’t know why his sisters hated him so much and he also revealed that his parents no longer speak to them following the bizarre prank.

“We’ve nearly been doing this for 20 years,” Smith said.

“This is the wildest phone call I’ve ever had.”

ZM Radio shared the excerpt from the episode to TikTok and it has racked up more than 1.5 million views and 167,000 likes.

But this wasn’t the end of the road.

A mystery TikTok user claiming to be Callum’s sister commented under the post: “I can confirm I never told my parents he was dead.”

She said there had been a stabbing in the city of Porirua at the time, and no one had heard from Callum “for a few months” and so she contacted him to see if he was doing ok.

And when she found out he was fine, she said “she was happy”.

The unknown woman then explained how her family had a number of issues and that she “tried to stay away” from them.

TikTokers urged her to call into the radio show and “get this straightened out”, she replied: “Is it really even worth it? In order to do that I would need to air everyone’s dirty laundry. It would turn from comical to sad very quickly.”

She said she didn’t really “mind” Callum’s on-air account anyway, saying: “The story was a good laugh.”

TikTok/@fvhzmCallum revealed he did not speak to his parents for half a year when they thought he had died[/caption]

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