Moment Brit TikTok star Modou Adams’ jaw hits the floor after £300k of coke is found in his case as he’s jailed in Peru

Moment Brit TikTok star Modou Adams’ jaw hits the floor after £300k of coke is found in his case as he’s jailed in Peru

THIS is the moment a Brit TikToker was left jaw-dropped as airport security unearthed £300,000 of coke from his suitcase.

Modou Adams, who once flaunted his glam lifestyle on social media, has now been jailed in Peru for almost seven years after being caught with nearly three kilos of cocaine.

Fourth EstateModou Adams was left seemingly stunned when airport security discovered cocaine in his suitcase[/caption]

Fourth EstateFootage shows the TikTok star watching on in horror as he is caught with three kilos of the drug[/caption]

Instagram /@boywholivesAdams has 11,200 followers on his Instagram channel[/caption]

The Londoner wowed his thousands of fans with his trendsetting looks and VIP travels under the moniker of “boywholives” in a show of excess branded by cops as a front for his criminal activities.

His apparent world of glamour today lay in tatters after he confessed to being a drug trafficker and was told he now faces the next six years and eight months in a hellhole South American jail.

He was handed his sentence in a trial just 24 hours after his arrest by the same police force that held Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid, the so-called Peru Two in August 2013.

Modou, a former marketing and public relations intern described online as an “experienced” model, made a very public show of his second fateful trip to the South American country on TikTok and Instagram.

He filmed himself posing as a tourist in Cuzco, a favourite cocaine pick-up for drug mules and the city McCollum and Reid visited before their arrests – while posting selfies on the road to Andes Mountains Incan citadel Machu Picchu.

The glamour shots prompted one of his 11,200 Instagram fans to tell him: “Wow Mo! You look amazing.”

Another said: “You are living the dream”, prompting Adams to respond: “Life is a dream always.”

Peru’s Supreme Court confirmed the jail sentence in a statement where it referred to the Brit by his full name of Modou Dodou Adams.

They also described him as a TikToker while displaying an unflattering photoshopped picture of him behind bars.

Revealing he had been jailed by a court in Lima’s Callao district , it said: “Tiktoker Modou Dodou Adams, 25, has been jailed for six years and eight months for having co-ordinated the dispatch of nearly three kilos of cocaine to London.

“The sentence was delivered in less than 24 hours after the accused man admitted the crime he had been charged with.”

He was arrested on September 30 although confirmation of his incarceration only emerged overnight.

Adams had jetted to Peru for the second time 11 days earlier following a first trip in February.

He had documented his trip to Cuzco before returning to Lima and checking into a hotel in the upmarket neighbourhood of Miraflores along the Pacific Ocean coastline.

CCTV images taken outside his hotel showed him wearing shorts and a black hoodie and carrying a suitcase into the building which would later be seized by cops who intercepted him as he tried to fly back to Europe.

The footage was taken the day of his arrest.

The dramatic moment he was taken into custody by two anti-drugs squad officers as he checked in for his flight was also filmed on cameras at Jorge Chavez International Airport.

One of the officers used a knife to cut through a false bottom of the suitcase where the cocaine was found and held it up as Adams looked on horrified.

The police then proceeded to body-search the influencer.

Anti-drugs prosecutor Lincoln Fuentes said: “It wasn’t the first time this British national had come to Peru.

“The first time he had also taken drugs out of the country, most probably in the same way with a specially-prepared suitcase.

“In Peru a kilo of cocaine is around £3,000 but this amount multiplies in Europe by a massive amount.”

He added: “Each drug mule is paid £5,200 to £6,000 per drug run as well as getting all their expenses paid including the tourist trips they enjoy to camouflage their real reason for coming here.

“The objective this man had for coming here was solely to transport drugs back to Britain.”

In a message to other Europeans tempted by the money drug gangs offer to get them to smuggle cocaine out of Peru, he warned: “The prison sentences here are very high and it’s simply not worth the risk of putting your freedom in jeopardy.”

Earlier this year Adams boasted as he dipped his toes in the sea by a trendy beach bar on the Athens Riviera between Piraeus and Cape Sounion: “Sun in my eyes, sand in my toes, sea within touch, somewhere else I’d rather be?.”

Between his two trips to Peru he took in the delights of Los Angeles, telling his envious Instagram fans as he videoed himself in some of its must-see attractions: “You hate but you wish you was this.”

Authorities in Lima say Adams will serve his sentence in full in the South American country, meaning he faces a lengthy enforced break from his “criminal cover” side-line.

The Peru Two, Michaella McCollum from Dungannon, Northern Ireland, and Melissa Reid from Lenzie, Scotland, were arrested on 6 August 2013 on suspicion of drug smuggling at Jorge Chávez International Airport, Lima, Peru, after their luggage was found to contain 11 kilos of cocaine.

They initially claimed they had been coerced by an armed gang but subsequently pleaded guilty.

On 17 December 2013, the pair were sentenced to six years and eight months’ imprisonment.

In early 2016, both women sought to return to the United Kingdom.

McCollum applied to be freed on parole and was released on 31 March 2016, with the prospect of having to remain in Peru for up to six years.

In April 2016 the Peruvian authorities agreed to expel Reid from the country.

She was released from prison on June 21 that year and immediately returned to Britain, arriving at Glasgow airport the following day.

McCollum returned to Europe two months later, arriving at Dublin airport in Ireland on 13 August 2016.

She later wrote a book about her experiences titled “You’ll Never See Daylight Again.”

In June last year a British man named locally at the time as Russell Tamer was arrested on suspicion of trying to smuggle cocaine out of a Colombian airport strapped to his body.

Police held him as he allegedly threw a packet containing the drug into an airport toilet after spotting uniformed officers at a security airport.

The arrest took place in Simon Bolivar International Airport, the airport serving Santa Marta city in Colombia which is the capital of Magdalena Department.

It was not immediately clear today if he has already been dealt with by the courts.

Fourth EstateAdams has been thrown behind bars for almost seven years following his drug trafficking stint[/caption]

Instagram /@boywholivesModou often shared glimpses into his glam life on social media[/caption]

Instagram /@boywholivesHe’s now set to serve seven years in a Peruvian prison[/caption]

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