Heart-stopping moment breaching humpback whale LANDS on surfer after leaping out of water

Heart-stopping moment breaching humpback whale LANDS on surfer after leaping out of water

THIS is the jaw-dropping moment a humpback whale slams down onto an oblivious surfer after leaping out of the water.

When Jason Breen was riding his wing foil along the Sydney coast he was none the wiser of a terrifying encounter that was about to occur.

A whale can be seen emerging from the water as a surfer holds on tight

The massive animal leapt out of the ocean knocking Jason Breen off his board

Incredible footage captured on Jason‘s go-pro shows a gigantic whale calf emerge from the ocean, just metres from his board.

The 55-year-old can be heard screaming in fear as the massive mammal bursts from the water and flies into the air.

“I saw the head come out, then I saw the body come out and then I saw the whole thing above me,” Jason told Seven News

The video shows turbulent water following the whale’s touchdown and the shocked Aussie can be seen clambering back onto his board unscathed.

The animal then swims away and a shaken-up Jason shouts “I just got hit by a whale.”

After the impact the mammal became tangled in his leg rope and Jason said he thought “it was all over” as he was dragged “20 or 30 feet under”.

But he then felt the rope snap and thought “Thank God” as he floated up to the surface.

The surfer said he was so close to the whale that he could feel its skin against his.

“It was a big calf, if it had barnacles I would have been ripped apart because the whale’s body was beside me the whole time,” he said.

Footage from the shore was also captured by concerned onlooker, Paul Netteback, who filmed the smash while he dialled triple-0.

Jason said despite the freak accident he won’t be hanging up his swim shorts just yet, as nothing can stop him from being in the ocean.

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FacebookJason said he will not let the terrifying ordeal deter him from returning to the ocean[/caption]

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