Inside the world’s largest indoor theme park dubbed ‘The Spaceship’ with 150,000 animals, a submarine & STORM simulator

Inside the world’s largest indoor theme park dubbed ‘The Spaceship’ with 150,000 animals, a submarine & STORM simulator

THE world’s largest indoor attraction, dubbed “The Spaceship”, is home to a whopping 150,000 live animals, a submarine and a terrifying storm simulator.

Located in Zhuhai, China, the £816million Chimelong Theme Park promises holidaymakers across the globe an otherworldly day out.

hetzeldesignThe Spaceship theme park cost a mega £816million to build – making it one of the most expensive in the world[/caption]

hetzeldesignIt features an indoor storm simulator named the Bermuda Storm[/caption]

themeparxThe facility holds over 16,000,000 gallons of water across its 38 tanks[/caption]

The spaceship city has broken a staggering seven world records since it’s launch last month.

It’s not only packed with rides and other amusements, but it is also home to an incredible aquarium filled with over 150,000 animals.

Chimelong is believed to be the world’s largest indoor theme park and guests are left stunned by the building’s enormous glass ceiling and sci-fi inspired architecture.

Welcoming 50,000 per day, the four million square feet of space is just about big enough to fit the bustling crowds.

And any fans of the cosmos, aliens and spacecraft can happily spend a day wandering through the attraction without fears of having nothing left to see after just a few hours.

The spaceship cost a massive £816million to build, making it one of the most expensive in the world too.

The alien spaceship inspired build is 650m long and holds over 16,574,899 gallons of water across a spread of 38 tanks.

Several orcas live in the park’s tank – which can generate waves of up to 10.5ft.

This makes it the world’s largest indoor artificial wave pool thanks to its state-of-the-art machinery.

The orca attraction is located in Chimelong Spaceship’s “Whale Universe”, which is one of the 15 themed zones in the park.

As well as the aquarium, there is also a marine science museum that over 300 species of fish and other animals call home.

Thrill seekers can explore the world’s largest indoor theme park, which dwarfs Warner Brother’s World in Abu DhabiUAE.

Visitors can climb on a series of exciting rides in the park’s “Universe Paradise” which boasts a collection of themed rollercoasters.

Chimelong’s Universe Paradise features China’s first underwater submarine ride named Deep Sea Submarine.

It also holds the world’s largest motion simulator attraction – Bermuda Storm.

Touted as the highlight of the Universe Paradise, up to 304 riders can be wowed by the experience projected on a huge 1,682sqm curved screen.

There is also a 5D cinema, educational environmental exhibitions and a variety of dining options to explore at the theme park.

To really immerse yourself in the space odyssey, visitors can also check into the 1,250-room Chimelong Spaceship Hotel.

The 26-floor tower boasts a range of restaurants, swimming pools, retail stores and conference rooms.

The theme park was initially planned to open in 2021 after a decade of planning and five years of construction.

But the main “alien mothership” structure was only completed last year and so the launch took place in September this year.

The complex is the second phase of the Zhuhai Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort which also includes the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

The first park opened in 2014 and accepted over 10million visitors last year alone.

The next part of the resort is expected to be completed in 2027 and will see a number of new attractions brought to the site.

These are set to include a mountain park, sightseeing cable car, the Chimelong Tourism Academy, and a garden home to rare plants.

And if this wasn’t enough for potential visitors, the resort also contains two theatres and three themed hotels – which include the Penguin Hotel, Circus Hotel, and Hengqin Bay Hotel.

The Penguin Hotel is perfect for sea-life fanatics as it displays several references to arctic birds through giant murals and colourful illustrations.

The Circus Hotel is jam packed with bright lights, carousel designs, rainbows and even an elephant statue for those who prefer land animals.

Hengqin Bay is ocean-themed with fish and sea life as the main selling point.

Another hotel – the sci-fi themed Spaceship hotel – is currently under construction.

hetzeldesignOver 150,000 live animals call the attraction home[/caption]

hetzeldesignChimelong Theme Park welcomes over 50,000 guests a day[/caption]

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