Moment UFO is seen in terrifying near-miss with passenger jet as chilling footage of mystery object at 35,000ft emerges

Moment UFO is seen in terrifying near-miss with passenger jet as chilling footage of mystery object at 35,000ft emerges

CHILLING footage shows a UFO flying just past a passenger jet in a frightening near-miss 35,000ft in the air.

In the YouTube video posted by Ensaladilla, it shows the view from a plane window above the clouds, as a mysterious, black object glides past.

The chilling footage shows a UFO 35,000ft in the air

The mystery object was filmed flying next to a plane going over Colombia

Shaped like a classic UFO with its wide circular middle and domed top the mysterious object has left everyone baffled by what it could be.

The viral clip of a domestic flight from Bogotá to Salento in Colombia has been shared across the internet since it was first filmed.

Spanish forum Forocoches, was the first to see the video and had UFO enthusiasts speaking about what’s really lurking out in the world.

Popular UFO hunter The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 then reposted the video on his own page and spoke about how intrigued he was by the fascinating clip.

He said: “This object seems to have the classic saucer shape and look how it’s just cruising along nonchalant.

“Now it makes you wonder that being this is in Colombia, there is a high activity of these objects.

“Could there be some localized base? Or is this some sort of government testing?”

The first thought of many was to shoot down the alien theory and call it a rouge drone.

The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 countered this idea and strongly ruled it out.

He continued: “Because you got to understand this plane has to be pretty high to be cruising. And it is above the clouds. Could a drone get this high?

“This has no other shape to it like a plane, a helicopter and in my opinion this doesn’t even look like a drone.”

He then asks what his viewers think the potential UFO could be and he got a lot of interesting responses from curious fanatics who noted the similarities to other UFO sightings.

One said: “There is NO wobble as would be expected with a balloon.

“It is flying PERFECTLY straight. This looks a lot like the saucers that have been seen over the years over Mexico and Mount Popo.”

While another gave a very detailed response based on his own experiences.

They said: “Looks a lot like the (GIMBAL), which is the sort of craft I witnessed in L.A. in 1980.

“I watched it hover completely still for ten minutes on a clear December morning, around 9AM, probably at about 150-200 feet.

“I estimated it had a diameter of twelve to fifteen feet. It had a military insignia on the underside that read US Air Force, so it could very well have been one of ours and I don’t know if it was aliens pranking us.

“After ten minutes of hovering it darted off southbound like a bullet. I’ve never seen anything accelerate so fast and I’ve seen missile tests over the Pacific.”

Another viewer agreed, writing: “Looks like ‘The Gimbal.’ The same one as the official U.S. Navy video off the eastern seaboard, near the Florida coast.”

A different person explained that Colombia has three air force bases in Malambo, Palanquero, and Apiay and said it was possible that the US could’ve been testing out-of-this-world aircrafts outside of the country.

Many are convinced this is further proof of UFOs after the Pentagon called hundreds of UFO sightings strange and require further investigation.

After investigating hundreds of reports they said nearly half of the sightings needed to be taken more seriously.

Two so-called alien corpses were also put on display to the public in Mexico this year – exciting conspiracy theorists worldwide.

The small “non-human” bodies were presented at a congressional hearing on UFOs after being found in Cusco, Peru.

The 1,000-year-old bodies allegedly had over 30% of their DNA being “unknown” by scientists.

A previous video showed a pill-shaped object that appeared as a plane was passing overhead through a wormhole.

He explained further in the video’s caption, saying the “strange flashing light” was “moving slowly in the sky, a little slower than the planes flying around.

“I could see the random flashing coming from the object for about 10 seconds.

The UFO glides past the passenger jet and has sent UFO enthusiasts wild online

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