My neighbour’s bizarre Halloween decorations have everyone spooked – they should come with a trigger warning

My neighbour’s bizarre Halloween decorations have everyone spooked – they should come with a trigger warning

A WOMAN was “shocked” when she left her house one morning to be greeted with the sight of some “deranged and grim” Halloween decorations.

Her neighbour’s festive fun took a turn for the worst as the hanging decorations that were meant to look like bats, resembled something else entirely.

A woman was shocked when she saw her neighbour’s Halloween decorations

FacebookShe thought the decorations resembled ‘hanging bodies’[/caption]

Jess, from Melbourne said they were so horrifying they should “come with a trigger warning”.

She explained: “They were just kind of swaying in the breeze. It was super eerie.”

 “I think they’re meant to be hanging fruit bats or hanging zombie bats or something, but I think they kind of missed the mark. Like, who on earth would think they actually look like bats?!”

“Let’s just call it for what it is, they look like hanging bodies.”

There were mixed comments from the community about the decorations after she posted a snap of them on the local Facebook group.

One person agreed with Jess and said: “Legit thought this was a body.”

While another wrote “OMG, that’s DARK!”

However others thought they were an artistic masterpiece with one member of the chat saying: “This is an ingenious idea!”

Another encouraged others to give the decorations a try and shared tips of how to use a household item to achieve the same effect, along with an image of her own attempt.

She advised: “You can do this with pool noodles inside if you don’t have bottles.”

This wasn’t the only Halloween controversy to divide the internet, as earlier this month we told of a man who spent $1000 on kitting out his home only to be accosted by “angry Karen’s”.

The decorations caused so much outrage that there were even protests outside the house as christian groups believe the props are blasphemous.

This man was not the only one to go big for Halloween, as yesterday we told how Kelly Ripa went “all out” with her home’s decorations.

Her house was decorated with multi-coloured pumpkins on the ground with black skeletons sat on top of them as they sat around a cauldron.

FacebookOne Facebook user shared you could make the decorations using bottles or pool noodles[/caption]

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