Chilling mystery note found at trashed home of Maine massacre suspect Robert Card as manhunt stretches to third day

Chilling mystery note found at trashed home of Maine massacre suspect Robert Card as manhunt stretches to third day

COPS discovered a chilling note at the home of Maine massacre suspect Robert Card as the nationwide manhunt stretches into its third day.

Investigators made the discovery of what could be a “suicide” letter the day after the crazed US Army reservist allegedly gunned down 18 people and injured 13 more.

FacebookRobert Card is accused of being the shooter who opened fire at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston, Maine on Wednesday night[/caption]

AlamyA mysterious note has been found at Card’s home[/caption]

GettyA massive manhunt is underway to find the suspect who remains at-large[/caption]

Cops said today that the 40-year-old has been charged with eight counts of murder following the deadliest US mass shooting of 2023.

He is expected to be charged with more as the remaining 10 bodies are officially identified.

Police have warned the public not to approach him, saying he is armed and dangerous, as local residents are still being asked to shelter-in-place.

Investigators are trying to determine if the mysterious note found at his home provides a motive or any answers to the bloodbath on Wednesday night.

Law enforcement officials told ABC the note was being described as a suicide letter addressed to the suspect’s son.

The details of the mystery note have not yet been revealed.

Card is accused of being the shooter, who armed with an AR-15-style rifleunleashed hell at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston.

Just before 7pm on Wednesday, the gunman stormed the Just-In-Time Recreation bowling alley and opened fire before making his way over to Schemengees Bar and Grille minutes later to do the same, Maine State Police said.

Haunting surveillance footage shows a man taking aim at women and children with an AR-15-style assault rifle that appeared to be fitted with a flashlight and scope.

Victims have started to be named, including a long-time bowling instructor Bob Violette, who bravely died protecting children.

Last night, a convoy of armoured police vehicles surrounded a home in Bowdoin, Main and were heard calling for the suspect to come out.

“Robert Card, you’re under arrest. Come out now,” officers yelled through a megaphone.

However, police were later seen leaving the scene.

The suspect remains at-large and an ex-FBI agent Bobby Chacon told The Sun US that he could be hiding in an abandoned Maine cabin.

It comes as police have extended their search out to sea as they fear the suspect may have sailed away.

The local coastguard is using a ship and aircraft to search the water for Card, after his car was found near a boat launch, CBS News reports.

As well as the white Subaru registered to his name, Card owns a 15ft green boat.

The Subaru was found abandoned after the horrific killing spree near rivers that stretch further than 170 miles into the Maine Gulf, which borders Canada.

Canada’s border patrol have also issued an “armed and dangerous” warning to their police force amid the desperate manhunt.

Just weeks before the bloody massacre, Card reportedly made threats to carry out a shooting at a National Guard facility in Saco, Maine.

A US official revealed Card had been evaluated for “erratic behaviour” in July.

The Army reservist was apparently behaving strangely while training at a US Military Academy in West Point, New York and was taken to hospital soon after.

Specialist units are rapidly trying to locate the mass shooter

EPAPolice have extended the search to the sea over fears he sailed off[/caption]

An ex-FBI agent told The Sun he could be hiding in a remote cabin in Maine

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