Girl, 3, kidnapped by MONKEY who snatched her from mum and carried her up cliff

Girl, 3, kidnapped by MONKEY who snatched her from mum and carried her up cliff

A GIRL of three was abducted by a monkey before the furry beast carried her up a cliff.

The terrified toddler was with her parents who working in a nearby field in Liupanshui, southwest China, when the criminal primate kidnapped her.

Rescuers were able to find the girl hiding in thick brush near a cliffAsiaWire

AsiaWireThe tot was rescued after being taken near a cliff edge[/caption]

2015 Getty ImagesThe tot was snatched by a wild macaque in a terrifying ordeal. Stock pic[/caption]

They had placed her under the shade of a nearby tree, but when the toddler’s mum and dad turned around, she had vanished.

The tot’s father Liu said: “It was just a minute, and when I turned around, the child was gone. We were all very anxious.

“The child’s mother started crying immediately, and I comforted her while contacting the police.”

The family rushed over to the nearby village to look for help, where they were able to review surveillance footage that reportedly revealed a wild macaque had snatched the girl away.

Police quickly began scouring the dense nearby forests, going on mountainous paths to search for the child.

After more than two hours of rescue efforts, the police finally found the girl in a thicket near a cliff.

When the police saw the child, she had already been abandoned by the monkey in the bushes, with several scratches and wounds on her body, and with dirtied clothes.

The girl was reportedly so frightened that she could not even make a sound.

Liu said that after the incident, he asked if she had been caught by a monkey, and the child nodded in response.

He said: “I asked again, ‘Where did the monkey go? And the child pointed in the direction of the mountain with her finger.”

Paramedics on the scene examined her and found she had no injuries apart from the minor scratches, and reunited her with her mum and dad.

AsiaWireShe was treated for minor scratches[/caption]

Rescuers traversed through rough terrain to find herAsiaWire

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