Putin ‘puppet’ SHOT in Crimea as separatist traitor being eyed as a lackey leader of defeated Ukraine fights for life

Putin ‘puppet’ SHOT in Crimea as separatist traitor being eyed as a lackey leader of defeated Ukraine fights for life

VLADIMIR Putin’s crony is fighting for his life after he was shot in an assassination attempt in occupied Crimea.

Former MP Oleg Tsarev, 53, was understood to be considered for president of Ukraine by Putin had his forces successfully taken the country.

East2WestPro-Putin former Ukraine MP Oleg Tsarev, 53, is in critical condition after he was shot in an assassination attempt in Crimea[/caption]

East2WestUkraine traitor Tsarev with his family, including daughter Ekaterina (centre left) who died in 2021[/caption]

The separatist traitor was found in critical condition at his home in Yalta after the attack.

Top Moscow politician Vladimir Rogov confirmed that Tsarev was left fighting for his life.

He said on Friday: “Oleg’s condition is very serious. 

“He is currently in intensive care. Oleg was shot.”

Pro-Ukrainian hit squads have been working in areas of the country invaded by Putin’s forces. 

Tsarev had previously been sentenced in his absence to 12 years in jail for treason by Ukraine in May last year.

He was previously an MP for the war-ravaged country, and even a presidential candidate in Kyiv, but switched sides to support Russia in 2014.

Just weeks after Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Tsarev arrived in Kyiv with the Russian army and called on civilians to surrender.

He even bagged a top job in the Russian parliament set up in Donetsk and Luhansk regions after Putin grabbed the territory.

Telegram channel Tsarov later claimed: “The information about the attempted assassination of Oleh Tsarov has been confirmed by his family.

“Around midnight, he was shot twice at the sanatorium where he lives.

“There is no information about the perpetrator, and the security forces are investigating.

“By the time the ambulance arrived, Oleh was unconscious and suffering from heavy blood loss.

“There is no information about his state of health at the moment.”

The-father-of-three was also a pro-Putin propagandist with a prominent blog.

His daughter Ekaterina who died aged 17 in 2021 had studied at Gordonstoun, King Charles’ alma mater in Scotland.

He blamed a “medical error” and said: “My daughter died. I couldn’t protect her.”

Just months ago, another of the Russian despot’s puppet leaders was attacked – except his wife found him dead.

Oleg Khorzhan, 47, was discovered at his home in Moldovan breakaway region Transnistria, with reports suggesting he was stabbed or shot.

Khorzhan was the leader of the Communist Party in Transnistria – a state under the guard of 1,500 Russian army “peacekeepers”.

The pro-Russian returned to politics with Moscow’s backing after being given a four-year jail term for violence against a government official.

He was released eight months ago and known as a “Moscow proxy”. 

Khorzhan insisted the region – self-governing since the end of Soviet times – survived “only thanks to the help of Russia”.

APPutin reportedly had Tsarev poised for a puppet president of Ukraine – had his invasion been successful[/caption]

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