‘World’s loneliest orca’ seen swimming alone and barely moving in tiny pool 20 years after partner’s death

‘World’s loneliest orca’ seen swimming alone and barely moving in tiny pool 20 years after partner’s death

A LONELY orca has been filmed swimming by itself in captivity – barely able to move in a tiny pool.

The devastating video shared to social media has gone viral 20 years after the heartbroken orca’s partner died.

Jam Press Vid/@walrus_whispererA viral video of an orca living alone in a small pond has sparked outrage online[/caption]

Jam Press Vid/@walrus_whispererKshamenk has lived by himself in an Argentina aquarium since his partner died 20 years ago[/caption]

An aquarium called Mundo Marino in Argentina, has been under fire from the public and animal activists for its heartless treatment of the beautiful animal.

Activist and co-founder of UrgentSeas, Phil Demers, went to the park and filmed the 35-year-old orca named Kshamenk.

Demers went to the attraction to bring awareness to the “world’s loneliest orca” who has been kept captive in the park since 1992.

The video was sent around social media, where it has got almost one million views, leaving viewers horrified.

The upsetting clip shows Kshamenk in a small, round pool, barely big enough to fit him in.

He floats in the middle of the water, almost lifeless as a dolphin swims around him.

Another dolphin can also be seen in a murky, green pool next-door that has worried viewers even more.

The post was captioned: “Kshamenk, a 35-year-old captive orca is observed languishing in decrepit and ever deteriorating conditions.

“He’s been stuck in this tank since his 1992 capture from the wild.

“Unless Kshamenk is rescued soon, he too will die tragically and senselessly.

“We must fight for Kshamenk!”

Back in the early 90s the animal was captured from the ocean so it could live with a second orca called Belen in Argentina.

The pair hit it off until Belen died in 2000 after issues while giving birth.

This left Kshamenk to live with only two dolphins near him as another orca was never let in.

According to reports, his sperm has been sold several times to SeaWorld to impregnate other orcas.

The Instagram post has over 13,135 likes and 1,300 comments from shocked and appalled people.

One said: “This is horrifying. No animal should live like this.”

As another commented: “Imagine being locked in a white padded room for 50 years since you were a baby.

“No education. This is a jail. Solitary confinement.”

Other posts called the treatment “so awful”,  as he can’t even move around while some called it “so sad and heartbreaking”.

A final man went on a passionate cry for help on behalf of nit only Kshamenk but all orcas trapped in captivity.

The man known as Mickey said: “Immoral to the highest degree. #FreeKshamenk and GLOBAL BAN these damn parks, already.

“There are literally thousands on thousands of other things to do than spend ticket money on these hell holes.”

Many agreed with Mickey and labelled it as “complete torture”.

A woman said: “These animals are meant to live in the ocean, not in that damn tank.”

Concerns over the animal’s health and wellbeing have been huge over the last decade as Kshamenk has been videoed moving slowly around his small pool and losing weight.

With PETA even commenting on the situation on their website last year.

Demers has spoken more after the video blew up to assure fans of the wonderful creatures that something is being done.

He added: “A campaign to outlaw his current captivity is gaining momentum in Argentina by local activists, so bringing awareness and sharing his story surely supports their efforts.

“It breaks my heart to see Kshamenk’s conditions.

“He needs to be rescued.”

Mundo Marino have been contacted for comment.

Jam Press Vid/@walrus_whispererSocial media was also annoyed by the state of the other nearby pools that have dolphins in for being green and murky[/caption]

Jam Press/@walrus_whispererAnimal activist Phil Demers filmed the horrifying video and has called for orcas and whales to be freed from captivity[/caption]

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