Iran launches war games with 200 attack helicopters & missiles as Israel tensions rage & US warships gather in Med

Iran launches war games with 200 attack helicopters & missiles as Israel tensions rage & US warships gather in Med

IRAN has vowed to deal with the “threats” of the intensifying Hamas-Israel conflict as a US carrier strike group inches closer to Israel.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Forces have launched a massive war games with 200 military helicopters and high-grade missiles.

Iranian forces have begun large-scale military drills amid tensions with IsraelRex

Some 200 military helicopters performed different operations in one dayRex

A military helicopter during a ground force drillRex

Targets explode during a ground force drillRex

Bombs that can blow up both fixed and moving targets within a range of 10 kilometres are also being tested, as well as attack helicopters.

The choppers launched missiles in the dark and destroyed the pretend enemy using night vision systems.

Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army Abdolrahim Mousavi said “we are always ready to deal with threats”, according to Iranian media.

He explained the exercises were intended to determine the army’s capabilities and promote the country’s “defence and combat authority” in the face of “upcoming threats”.

It comes as a monster fleet of warships – including the world’s largest aircraft carrier, elite guided-missile cruisers, destroyers, and frigates – mass in the Mediterranean.

The Pentagon deployed two aircraft carriers along with their supporting warships to the eastern Mediterranean after Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel.

The first aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R Ford, arrived in the eastern Med with nearly 5,000 sailors aboard last week.

It would appear the US’ carrier strike group USS Dwight D Eisenhower has also now entered the Mediterranean, according to various ship trackers.

The ships were dispatched to ensure the current conflict does not expand – but the immense size of the fleet brings a significant amount of power to a region already bolstered by an unknown number of US submarines, military ships, planes, and troops.

Meanwhile, fears continue to mount that Iran-backed militias are preparing to unite and invade Israel after a sinister message appeared on the Lebanese-Israeli border.

A chilling mural of terrorist groups including Hamas and Lebanese militant group Hezbollah was this week painted on the Lebanese side of the wall.

Israel considers Hezbollah to be an even bigger threat than Hamas due to it being heavily armed with weapons supplied by Iran.

The terrorist group has already vowed to join the war in support of Hamas “when the time comes”.

A former government adviser warned Lebanon will be bombed “back to the Stone Age” if Hezbollah unleashes missiles and drones into Israel.

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