Raging pro-Palestine mob storms airport in Russia shouting ‘where are the Jews?’ after plane lands from Israel

Raging pro-Palestine mob storms airport in Russia shouting ‘where are the Jews?’ after plane lands from Israel

SHOCKING footage has shown the moment a mob of Russians stormed an airport in an attempt to attack passengers arriving on a flight from Tel Aviv.

A raging crowd made up of hundreds invaded the city airport in Makhachkala, Dagestan, with staff struggling to hold them back amid the chaos.

The angry mob stormed the airport in Dagestan, Russia, reportedly looking for Jewish passengers

Some rioters flew Palestinian flags as they stormed the airport

Others reportedly set up make-shift roadblocks and demanded passengers to show their passport to see if they were Jewish or Israeli

Many protestors even made it onto the tarmac as the angry mob surrounded planes on arrival.

This was reportedly in an attempt to attack any Jews who arrived on the flight from Israel, according to reports from Russian media.

Visegrad 24 claims that some members of the pack interrogated one of the plane technicians, asking him: “tell us where the Jews are”.

Overwhelmed staff pleaded with the mob to leave as they stormed into the airport, forcing open doors and overturning equipment.

Some were seen flying Palestinian flags as hundreds raced up escalators and barged through security.

Signs held by demonstrators read “Child killers have no place in Dagestan” and “We are against Jewish refugees.”

And one group of people who ran onto the airport’s tarmac surrounded a plane before jumping onto one of its wings, Kremlin newspaper Izvestia reported.

Footage reportedly from the scene shared on local Telegram channels showed rioters chanting “Allahu Akbar”.

Meanwhile, video from the scene shared on X, apparently showed a pilot onboard a plane instructing passengers not to attempt to open any doors due to rioters attempting to gain access to the aircraft.

Others appeared to set up a make-shift roadblock and searched cars in front of the airport.

They demanded to check the passports of passengers to find out whether they were Israeli or Jewish, reports the Jerusalem Post.

The outlet also claims that in Khasavyurt, also located in Dagestan, rioters gathered at a hotel where Israelis who had fled the fighting were reported to be staying.

It is alleged that some entered the hotel and checked door-to-door, only leaving after ensuring that no Jewish people in the property.

Dagestan, which is part of the Russian Federation, has a Muslim-majority population.

Sota reports that special forces have been deployed on the runway.

The airport has paused all operations, with two incoming flights already sent into a holding pattern.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and Foreign Ministry said they were monitoring the situation in Dagestan and said no Israeli nationals or Jewish people were onboard the Tel Aviv-Makhachkala flight.

According to Channel 12, the crowd was apparently largely made up of Palestinian expats.

The incident, has raised concerns as tensions surrounding the Gaza-Israel war appear to have spilled over into unexpected places.

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