Hamas ‘has budget of over £1.5billion per year’ to finance atrocities

Hamas ‘has budget of over £1.5billion per year’ to finance atrocities

HAMAS has an annual budget of more than £1.5billion to finance its atrocities, a former Mossad agent revealed.

Illicit cash is pouring in from Iran, Qatar and a secret business portfolio, the ex-operative says.

Former Mossad agent Uzi Shaya revealed the details of Hamas’ financial regime, with money flowing in from Qatar and IranTwitter

Former security agent Uzi Shaya reveals Hamas’ financial regime is being run out of Istanbul in Turkey as they control the big budget.

He says £400million is flowing from Qatar with £200million from Iran to prop up the terror group’s killings.

Shaya also says they have companies based across the Emirates, Sudan, Algeria and Turkey all ploughing in cash.

Businesses, such as real estate agents, help launder the dirty money.

He said: “Hamas may look like a very small terror organisation but their funding network is widespread.

“A significant portion of their budget stays with the heads of Hamas, their terrorists and all their families.

“It is not reaching the people of Gaza where unemployment is high and people earn as little as £240 per month.”

Days after Hamas slaughtered 1,400 Israelis in the October 7 killings, Barclays froze one bank account linked to the Palestinian militants.

Israel closed nearly 200 crypto accounts that were linked to Hamas between December 2021 and April this year.

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