Landlord’s list of bizarre ‘prison-like’ rules in ad for renter who ‘can’t cook’ and ‘can’t have sleepovers’ sparks fury

Landlord’s list of bizarre ‘prison-like’ rules in ad for renter who ‘can’t cook’ and ‘can’t have sleepovers’ sparks fury

PROSPECTIVE tenants were outraged at the list of strict conditions in an ad for a messy room.

The room in Perth, Australia, was listed for $200 a week, but it’s not the price that drew people’s attention, even after it was reduced to $190.

A landlords dodgy set of rules has caused fury online with some renters calling them ‘bulls***’Getty

GettyDespite it saying you can’t cook often the room was miraculously snapped up[/caption]

On the Facebook page, the homeowner posted pictures of a humble, small bedroom.

In an ad, the landlord listed ridiculous rules that the new tenant has to follow to rent the one bed in the house.

One of the bizarre conditions stated “no cooking often”, despite the property having a clean modern kitchen.

Even though the post doesn’t specify how often is “often”, online people speculated that the tenant wouldn’t be allowed to cook every day.

One of them wrote: “How is this lucky person supposed to eat if they can’t cook food?”

Another one added: “What do you want them to do, starve?”

“Yes, there’s a kitchen but you can’t use it. What a load of bulls***,” said one commenter.

The landlord also wanted someone who “respects private space”, and doesn’t have any friends stay over.

The successful candidate isn’t allowed any parties either.

The internet users found these demands unreasonable and odd.

One person sarcastically pointed out: ” ‘I want you to pay rent but not ‘live’.”

“Looks like a fun place to live…not,” another joked.

Third commenter said: “Why pay $200 per week just to move back in with your parents?”

Despite the absurd list of demands and a short-term availability, the room was successfully rented out.

Perth has the lowest rental vacancy rate in Australia at the moment.

Only 0.4 percent of properties are available for rent, which makes the rental market in the city tightest in the country.

It is not the first time Australian landlords spark fury from the renters for their bizarre demands.

Furious renters have slammed a landlord who put out a “no sex” rule, strictly prohibiting sleepovers.

In the UK, a landlord evicted a family without a valid reason.

Now the family fear they’ll be homeless and “living in a box” at Christmas.

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