I was dress coded and kicked out of a nightclub for little-known ‘heel’ rule – but we had a genius trick to get back in

I was dress coded and kicked out of a nightclub for little-known ‘heel’ rule – but we had a genius trick to get back in

A PARTYGOER was dress-coded and kicked out of a nightclub after her heels were deemed inappropriate – but she found a clever way to get back in.

Lucy Louise took to TikTok to reveal the genius hack she and her friends came up with that saved their night out.

TikTok /@ ilovelucywinnLucy Louise claimed she was kicked out of a nightclub due to a little-known heel rule[/caption]

She managed to get back in after a man offered her a spare pair of shoelaces to tie around her heelTikTok /@ ilovelucywinn

The woman posted a clip to social media that showed her outside a club, sporting a white pair of trousers and strappy heels.

But due to a little-known “heel” rule, she was left sitting on the pavement.

“Nothing screams c*** like getting dress coded at the mfing club because your heels don’t wrap around your ankle,” she wrote.

“Lucky for us, we’re not letting anything get in our way of this feral besties night out,” she added.

The clip showed her friends attempting a clever method of making her shoes more appropriate for the nightclub they were attending.

Another girl on the ground was seen wrapping a shoelace around Lucy’s ankle, before threading it through the heel straps.

This genius idea made the slip-on heel become a tie-up heel – which was allegedly what the club rules were.

“It’s giving innovation, also shout out to the guy in line who said he had a pair of shoe laces in his car we could use,” she captioned the video.

The hilarious post racked up over 200 likes, and her followers were left baffled over the rule that left Lucy almost sent home.

One curious TikTok user asked: “What was the rule???” to which she replied: “Heels had to have a strap around the back of the ankle??? We were all wearing stilettos tho so it was weird hahaha”.

Another commented: “Iconic”.

A third joked: “Imagine telling a beautifully dressed up nice-looking woman she can’t enter the club cus her shoe isn’t secure to her foot”.

“They did this to me at a club, so I put straws around my ankles and I got let in,” another added.

But Lucy isn’t the only one to have been dress-coded while wearing seemingly innocent garments.

A TikTok star shared how wearing a revealing tank top almost got her kicked off a flight.

Jacy said she was “harassed” by a flight attendant for wearing a corset top on a plane.

Earlier this year, an accounting assistant was dress-coded by the HR department after she showed up to work in what she thought was a cute, but appropriate outfit.

Anna Romanova wore a mini-skirt, tights, and stilettos with a silk button-down, and it got her in trouble with her employers.

And another woman was dress-coded at an airport after rocking up in loungewear.

An airport official allegedly stopped her after scanning her boarding pass and asked if she had a sweater to cover herself up, which she did not.

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