‘Possessed’ girl, 15, digs up body of serial killer rapist after dreaming he was buried alive and calling her for help

‘Possessed’ girl, 15, digs up body of serial killer rapist after dreaming he was buried alive and calling her for help

A GIRL has dug up the body of a serial killer rapist after dreaming he was buried alive and calling for her help, police claim.

Lázaro Barbosa killed a family of four in the Brazilian state of Goiás, sparking a 20-day manhunt with troops, dogs and helicopters.

Polícia CivilA 15-year-old girl dug up the grave of a serial killer after dreaming he was buried alive[/caption]

Polícia CivilMurderer Lázaro Barbosa murdered a family of four in 2021 and had his grave untouched until March this year[/caption]

The serial killer, 32, was shot dead in June 2021 as the chase came to an end and was buried in the Cocalzinho de Goiás cemetery.

His grave was untouched until March this year when the “possessed” girl dug up the coffin, convinced that the killer was still alive inside.

The 15-year-old later left the cemetery completely covered in dirt, police said.

The teen, who has not been named by authorities, was tracked down after being spotted on CCTV and arrested.

Cops said she was in a “daydream” state, and kept insisting that her 21-year-old boyfriend drive her to the cemetery.

The man did not violate the grave, it was later found.

“The girl reported that she had been having several dreams about Lázaro, who appeared and asked her to remove him from the tomb because he was alive and needed her help,” said police chief Rafhael Neris.

“She was in a daydream state.

“The whole time he [the boyfriend] tried to warn her that this wasn’t right and that they shouldn’t go to the site, but she insisted a lot.

“It was very clear that she was the one who robbed the grave,” he added.

While initial reports said that Barbosa’s skull had been stolen, it was later established the body itself was intact.

The girl may not face charges, Neris said, and the grave has now been re-filled and restored.

Barbosa’s reign of terror began on June 9, 2021 after murdering a couple and their two sons – aged 15 and 21 – in Ceilândia, Goiás.

He then fled to Cocalzinho de Goiás in a stolen car and received help from relatives and a farmer when hiding.

During his three weeks on the run, families in Cocalzinho were gripped with fear knowing a killer was on the loose.

“This crime brought so much terror that we could not sleep properly,” local farmhand Marcos de Araujo told Reuters.

“It used to be a very quiet place.

“You could go out and leave your key in the door and nothing would happen,” he said.

Cops say Barbosa broke into farmhouses, held hostages, set one home and several cars alight, injured a police office and exchanged gunfire with farmers.

He was also being accused of 30 rape, murder, and robbery crimes in two other Brazilian states.

More than 270 soldiers and police took part in the hunt for Barbosa, who died in hospital after being shot.

Cops said the teen was in a ‘daydream’ state and later left the cemetery completely covered in dirtPolícia Civil

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