ISIS-linked terrorists who murdered Brit honeymooners in ambush are KILLED after being hunted down by Ugandan military

ISIS-linked terrorists who murdered Brit honeymooners in ambush are KILLED after being hunted down by Ugandan military

THE ISIS-linked terrorists who shot dead a Brit couple on their safari honeymoon have been killed by Ugandan troops, the army has said.

David Barlow, 50, and his new wife Celia, 51, were gunned down along with their driver Eric Alyai during a safari in Uganda.

Brit David Barlow was gunned down on his honeymoon in UgandaPA

EnterpriseHis new wife Celia was also killed in the attack[/caption]

UPDF spokesperson Lt Col Deo Akiiki said the murderers were part of a group of ADF fighters who were killed on Tuesday night. 

The Ugandan army said it is now working to hunt down all of the terror group’s offshoots. 

“It should be noted that this was a part of the group that killed the tourists. The operation is still on to finish all the splinter groups of ADF,” he said. 

In a press conference following the killings, the Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, vowed that the terrorists would “pay with their own wretched lives.”

“A couple of tourists and the Ugandan driver with them were killed at around 6pm on the Katwe-Kabatooro murram road, by a small group of terrorists running away from our operations in Congo,” he said.

“It was a cowardly act on the part of the terrorists attacking innocent civilians and tragic for the couple who were newlyweds and visiting Uganda on their honeymoon.”

The couple, from Hampstead Norreys, Berks, were travelling through Queen Elizabeth National Park on Tuesday evening when the suspected Islamic terrorists opened fire and then torched their car.

Local cops believe members of the ISIS-linked Allied Democratic Forces are behind the “cowardly” attack.

Pals said David and Celia, who would have been together for ten years this December, got married in South Africa just two days before they were murdered.

David is listed as a director of Barlow & Sons, which runs a wood yard in nearby Thatcham, and was also a keen cricketer and chairman of his local parish council.

His architect wife was a South African national living in the UK.

They were due to fly back from their dream Africa honeymoon on October 28.

Wedding guest Penney Wentzel said she has been left “devastated” by their murders.

She told The Sun: “They were lovely people. I’m completely speechless.

“It’s horrendous. It’s completely mind-boggling. There is no way one can digest it. It’s incredible.”

She added: “About 40 people came from the UK for the wedding and all of her family from the Western Cape.

“I’ve known Celia since she was 18. She was the most beautiful, sunny human being.

“Incredibly successful, generous, marvellous person.”

The couple’s local church also posted a heartfelt tribute to them, describing the deadly attack as “incomprehensible”.

Church warden Richard Davies wrote: “We wake today with a heavy heart, and the deepest sorrow to hear the devastating news of the death of Dave and Celia Barlow.

“Our thoughts are with their families, their much loved friends and all who knew them in Hampstead Norreys and our wider community.

“We also remember the family of their Ugandan guide, who was also killed.

“Words cannot express how to react to this dreadful news.”

EnterpriseThe terrorists torched their car after opening fire[/caption]

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