Archive of Oct 7 massacre footage released including haunting never-before-seen images of festival and kibbutz attacks

Archive of Oct 7 massacre footage released including haunting never-before-seen images of festival and kibbutz attacks

ARCHIVES from the October 7 massacre have been released online including haunting never-before-seen images of the music festival tragedy and kibbutz attacks.

The website contains hundreds of horror videos and photos “documenting war crimes” by Hamas terrorists against innocent Israelis.

GettyChilling never before seen archive footage of the horrors caused by Hamas terrorists can now be seen online[/caption]

GettyThe Israeli embassy and the official Israel X account have sent out the footage to the public and journalists[/caption]

ReutersIsrael is showing the footage to highlight the barbaric acts of Hamas after some people doubted it happened.[/caption]

The chilling site reads: “On October 7, 2023, thousands of Hamas terrorists breached Israel’s security fence.

“Over 1,400 men, women, and children were murdered in the ensuing attack. More than 200 were kidnapped to Gaza.

“These graphic videos and images document the horrors of that day.”

From there, hundreds of shocking images and unthinkable videos are available to be looked at.

Split into four sections the website shows footage from the music festival massacre, families murdered in their homes, abductions to the Gaza Strip and rockets striking civilian areas.

The website shows everything from murdered babies to devastating air strikes obliterating huge areas.

Israeli embassies across the world have been showing the gut-wrenching clips of the atrocity to journalists – including to The Sun – showing depraved acts of merciless violence on innocent men, women and children.

In one bit of footage a Hamas terrorist can be heard calling home to his parents during the October 7 attacks and gleefully announcing: “Your son killed the Jews.”

Before the fiend sent pictures of his kills on WhatsApp and used a dead Israeli woman’s phone.

Israel also shared the archives on X, formerly known as Twitter, in a bid to highlight the barbaric acts being committed after people continue to doubt it really happened.

Harrowing unedited footage of Hamas terrorists slaughtering babies and families have been shared before by Israel.

The shocking move was intended to reveal the true horrors unleashed by Hamas on southern Israeli communities.

The footage, comprised of clips put into a 45 minute reel, was so gruesome, seasoned war reporters sobbed as it was shown.

The website also dedicates a section to people held hostage by the terrorists.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the desperate parents of 32 child hostages snatched by Hamas pleaded for the terror group to release them.

The petrified youngsters are being held underground in the 311-mile network of tunnels dubbed the Gaza Metro as Israel battles to crush the jihadists and bring them home.

Israel’s ambassador for the UK, Tzipi Hotovely, said after the screening of the latest archived footage: “It is 27 days since the war started but still some people are doubting what happened.

“It is our duty to show this to the world.

“No normal country can expect this to stand; peace-loving people’s homes were violated on a peaceful Saturday.

“The barbarity of a radical Islamist ideology which is the same as ISIS and Al-Qaeda is against humanity, not just Israelis.

“The only way to negotiate with Hamas is about the colour of the flowers on your grave – and we will not do that.”

Hundreds were killed and dozens taken hostage when Hamas gunmen burst across the border on paragliders and motorbikes on October 7.

Binyamin Netanyahu slammed Hamas a few days ago after they released a disturbing video with three Israeli hostages.

The women, seen under duress, were forced to slam the Israeli government and called for an urgent ceasefire.

Speaking in Hebrew, the trio also revealed they have been in captivity for 23 days.

Netanyahu condemned the video and called them “cruel psychological propaganda”. 

The terrorist group claims to have up to 250 captives in Gaza and issued a chilling threat to execute one civilian for each Israeli airstrike unleashed without warning.

It’s feared many of the hostages – both Israeli and non-Israeli citizens – are being held in Hamas’ mysterious 311-mile maze of tunnels underground.

Earlier this month, a top Hamas leader had hinted they may attempt to use those it abducted as bargaining chips to secure the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Khaled Meshaal, head of Hamas’ diaspora office, said the group “has what it needs” to free 6,000 Palestinians being held in Israeli jails.

Friends and family of those kidnapped have been protesting and demanding a “prisoner deal now”.

I was one of the first people to witness the horrifying archives, says Sun man Mike Hamilton

The Sun’s own chief reporter Mike Hamilton was invited to watch the horror screening at the UK Israeli embassy and sobbed over the horrifying footage… here’s what he said:

I watched on in horror, welling up with tears, as a merciless terrorist killed a father in front of his two sons – and as Hamas terrorists beheaded a worker with a spade and charred corpses of babies were shown.

The 43-minute video documenting the orgy of violence and murder ended with me and all the others who could stomach it having seen 138 dead bodies.

But that number represents less than 10 per cent of the total of more than 1,400 victims – while 240 were also kidnapped.

It was shown – at the first British screening of its kind – by Israeli authorities who want the world to see the truth of the depraved horror that was meted out.

The footage – much of it recorded by Hamas savages themselves show them parading around with guns and mercilessly shooting at defenceless civilians.

Cries of “Allahuh Akbar”- God is greatest – filled the air as cars were hijacked after the owners slaughtered.

Hamas monsters were shown strolling in and out of places and across neat lawns picking off their prey.

One shot dead an elderly man in his kitchen, who cried out in terror and pain as he slumped to the floor as an oblivious black Labrador was taken out.

In perhaps the most harrowing scene, a father and his two sons – aged around nine and 11 – were seen trying to flee to safety in another kibbutz, Letiv Ha’Asala.

The trio were all in boxer shorts and appeared to have been woken by the attack on a peaceful Saturday morning during a Jewish holiday.

The father carried his younger son, while the other ran, as they searched for shelter in a toilet and shower block.

But they were chased by two terrorists, one hurling a smoke grenade before gunning down the Dad in front of his children.

As a Dad of two, I will struggle to forget the unimaginable scene of his two sons then being ushered back into their living room in terror.

One of the boys said: “I don’t think this is a prank.”

As another wailed: “Why am I still alive?”

The video also showed the scenes at the Re’im music festival.

Footage showed faces of joy turn to pure fear as festival-goers were ruthlessly gunned down.

A car park was littered with corpses and endless machine-gun rounds were heard as people fled the horrors.

One young boy lay dead in Mickey Mouse pyjamas while a dead girl, whose face had been caved in, was in a Tupac t-shirt.

Some victims were burned on a makeshift bonfire in woods and some had their heads stamped on and bodies spat at.

Footage cut to harrowing scenes of hostages being paraded on the back of trucks through the streets of Gaza.

A semi-naked woman lay prone in the back of a vehicle and a dead soldier was dumped on the street.

The striking thing for me was the joy on the faces of the Hamas attackers – and their obvious pride in what they had done.

GettyHundreds of photos and videos of dead bodies including children can be seen in the harrowing archives[/caption]

Petrified festival goers run for safety as Hamas terrorists attack hundredsTikTok

APThe ruined remains of a building in the kibbutz attacks.[/caption]

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