Pretty Italian town pays you £40,000 to live there and even offers cheap rent – you just need a bit of business nous

Pretty Italian town pays you £40,000 to live there and even offers cheap rent – you just need a bit of business nous

THIS breathtaking Italian town is offering you £40,000 to live there and you could enjoy la dolce vita thanks to its cheap rent.

Santo Stefano di Sessanio, in the Italian region of Abruzzo, is looking to lure the next generation as only 13 of them are aged under 20.

AlamyYou can get paid £40,000 to live in Santo Stefano di Sessanio[/caption]

AlamyThe picturesque village also offers cheap rent[/caption]

AlamyLocated in the region of Abruzzo, the hilltop town is just two hours away from Rome[/caption]

The hilltop village is set amid mountains and pastures in the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga national park.

Its close proximity to Rome – only two hours away – makes it the ideal location anyone seeking easy access to a bustling city, while still enjoying the comfort of a small town.

The deal includes a monthly wage for the first three years, up to the value of €8,000 (£7,200) per year – working out to just over £21,000.

A one-off grant of €20,000 (£18,000) will also be given for anyone starting a new business that helps the town, such as in the food or service industry.

While the deal also includes a deal on a rental property, this is yet to be established regarding how much new locals would pay.

There are just a few catches, however.

To be eligible, applicants need to be at least 18 but no older than 40, they need to be a resident of Italy or the EU (or have the ability to become one) and they need to be moving from a place that has more than 2,000 residents.

It isn’t the same as the €1 houses often advertised in Italy, according to the Mayor Fabio Santavicca.

He told CNN Travel: “We’re not selling anything to anyone – this isn’t a business move. We just want to enable the village to continue to live.”

Meanwhile, one woman has been busy revealing all of the other similar schemes that run across Europe that you might never of heard of.

These include moving to Albinen in Switzerland, where a family of four can be paid £50,000 to help fix a declining population.

Fancy moving somewhere more tropical? A paradise island is also offering to pay people to move there, but there’s one little snag – you will have to prove your worth first.

For those with skills in businesstech or finance – the tropical Indian Ocean island of Mauritius wants you.

The secluded island – just of the edge of East Africa, close to Madagascar – will pay a successful applicant £350 per month (20,000 Mauritian Rupees) to create a startup.

With its enviable climate, stunning wildlife and landscapes – it’s a real catch for those wanting a more off-the-grid life.

The tempting offer is part of the Mauritius Business Growth Scheme, launched in 2010, that aims to combat the effects of a dwindling economy and the emigration of talent off the island.

The scheme will pay talented entrepreneurs to live and work on the island provided they start their own unique venture.

Applicants simply need to prove an original and profitable business idea to a committee.

It comes as an idyllic Greek island is offering to pay a lucky applicant thousands to move there – and you’ll even be given land for your own dream villa.

Home to just 68 people, tiny Antikythera is desperate for new residents.

Young families who take the 45-minute flight from Athens and set up home on the island could scoop 500 euros (£426) a month for three years – adding up to 18,000 euros (£15,400).

GettyTo be eligible, applicants need to be a resident of Italy or the EU – or have the ability to become one[/caption]

AlamyOnly 13 of Santo Stefano di Sessanio’s 115 residents are aged under 20[/caption]

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