The Sun’s powerful front page calling for safe return of child hostages taken by Hamas heralded around the world

The Sun’s powerful front page calling for safe return of child hostages taken by Hamas heralded around the world

YESTERDAY’S front page calling for the safe return of the 32 children taken by Hamas struck a chord with our readers across the UK – and further afield.

So many of you wrote to us expressing your passionate belief that the world must not forget what the evil terrorist group is doing to Jewish people in Israel.

The Sun’s front page that struck a chord around the world, appealing for the innocent children being held by Hamas to be freed

You told us of your horror at the violence and catastrophic loss of human life.

And you sent your heartfelt wishes that the children would be returned to their loved ones, where they belong. The strength of feeling in your letters has warmed our hearts.

We will always stand against terror and barbarity on behalf of all our readers.

And we are proud to stand with you.

Here are just some of your amazing letters . . . 

AFTER seeing your front cover I wanted to say thank you.

So many people have forgotten that there are still around 240 innocent Israeli hostages taken in the cruellest of ways by Hamas.

Any support to secure their safe release is very much appreciated, as is any support to allow Israel to thrive in peace — even if that means it must go to war to do so.

We must also back Israel to free those Palestinians who do not support Hamas — this vile terrorist organisation.

And we must support our British Jewish community and other communities who only wish to live peacefully with others.

Jennifer Gibbs


THANK you for standing by Israel and reporting in an honest fashion. We appreciate it.

Fiona Klein


I HAVE been inundated with people from the Jewish community and from various Whats- App groups I am in saying how much your front page means to them.

It has had a huge impact.

I have also had messages from people in Israel who have seen it.

Really principled. Proper decent moral values. I am so proud to have written a piece in the same paper.

Keep up the great work.

Ian Austin

Dudley, West Mids

AT a time when the Jewish world is still reeling and when anti-Semitic attacks continue apace in this country and across the globe, thank you for your front cover.

We must contin- ue to highlight the children taken hostage, until they are brought home.

Thanks for your support and long may it continue.

Zoe Richman


SO glad to see your front page.

It’s like the rest of the world has forgotten about these children and forgotten that this war started because babies were butchered in their beds and people were decapitated.

It’s also horrendous that innocent people are being used as human shields by Hamas.

Esther Jenkings


AT a time when I, and every Jewish person I speak to, is feeling scared and increasingly worried for our safety here in London — not to mention the safety and wellbeing of our families trying to live their lives in Israel — it is so reassuring to know that we do have some support. And I am incredibly grateful for that.

Thank you for raising awareness of the Israeli hostages in Gaza and for continuing to share the truth of a very difficult and sad conflict.

Leah Lyons

Hendon, North West London

IN all the noise around this conflict, the fate of the hostages seems to have been forgotten — as has the fact that they include babies, children and the elderly.

Thank you for bringing that to the fore again.

 The tiny 300,000 Jewish community in the UK is feeling incredibly vulnerable and is changing daily habits as a result of the rise in anti-Jewish hate.

We are not rejoicing in the hurt for the ordinary Palestinian people and wish the current conflict didn’t have to happen.

However, many seem to be rejoicing at our pain.

Nicola Parsons


THANK you for your front page.

 This is exactly the point the Jewish community has been struggling to voice since the awful massacre and kidnappings on October 7. We want those children back.

They are pure innocents and too many people in the world have deliberately ignored this piece of the story.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. You have restored my faith in humanity.

Daniela Cohen


YOUR front cover pictures featuring 32 innocent children who were snatched by Hamas broke my heart.

Their parents must be out of their minds with worry.

Hamas’s continued ability to hold hostages is sending a message of their strength and of Israel’s inability to bring them home.

They are using them as human shields and I fear they will not let them go any time soon.

But efforts should be made every second of the day to appeal to Hamas to release them.

They are innocent victims and it is not doing the Palestinian cause any good at all by holding them hostage.

I wish to thank your paper for your continued efforts to get them home.

Kira Maddocks

Cheshunt, Herts

BY featuring the Israeli hostages on your front cover, The Sun has not only played a significant role in raising awareness about their plight but also the broader issues surrounding the Jewish community.

This act of support also fosters some hope for the Jews in the UK and all of us who deplore what happened to innocent civilians.

In a world where conflicts and tensions often overshadow the human stories behind them, it is refreshing to see a prominent newspaper like The Sun dedicating space to highlight the struggles faced by the Israeli hostages.

Moreover, your support sends a powerful message of solidarity, re- minding us that our collective humanity should always transcend political differences.

Thank you once again for your commitment to responsible journalism and for using your platform to raise awareness.

Your dedication to highlighting such important issues is truly commendable and greatly appreciated.

I sincerely hope that this positive and compassionate approach continues, inspiring others to stand up for justice, equality and the rights of all individuals, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Sonia Sellem


I JUST want to thank you for putting the pictures of the beautiful little children that were kidnapped by Hamas on your front page.

I’d lost hope of seeing any fair news about Israel from England, but you changed that.

I guess some newspapers do believe in morality and humanity. God bless

Uki Riaz


BLESS you and thank you for speaking out against all of the anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish hysteria around and returning thoughts to the heart of the matter.

Be blessed, be strong and thank you.

Yitzchak Kasnett

New Jersey

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