We bought a rottweiler puppy online but it grew up to be something COMPLETELY different…the size is the main thing

We bought a rottweiler puppy online but it grew up to be something COMPLETELY different…the size is the main thing

A WOMAN was stunned when what she thought was a rottweiler puppy turned into something quite different.

She revealed in a TikTok clip that she had brought the cuddly pup online – and at first everything seemed normal.

TikTok/@kyanashanaeA woman brought a Rottweiler puppy online but it wasn’t what she expected[/caption]

The tiny creature had the trademark black and tan markings consistent with the breed and appeared to have the same stocky bone structure.

This meant the owner didn’t notice anything was amiss until it was far too late.

The video revealed that the powerful athletic breed the woman wanted couldn’t be further apart from what she ended up with.

She had expected the pup to grow at a rapid rate but sadly it didn’t do much growing at all.

The creature grew to be a small scrawny mongrel, that more resembles a Chihuahua than a rottweiler.

It has pointed ears, a slight face and a very small body, the only resemblance it has to the desired breed are the black and tan markings that still remain.

This is not the only time a mishap like this has occoured.

In September we told of a woman who rescued an adorable kitten, but she only later realised it was actually something dangerous.

The adorable black kitten named Luna was taken into a loving home where she was fed and quickly grew into something much larger.

Luna’s owner took her in and gave her milk, food and love – and she quickly became friends with the owner’s pet dog, Venza.

But Luna was’t a normal kitten – she was actually a black panther, who was abandoned by her mum in a travelling zoo.

And a similar thing happened when a family from Tennessee, was surprised when they spotted a furry creature exploring their back porch.

They thought they had done a good deed when they rushed to an animal shelter in Mt. Juliet.

But, workers at the True Rescue animal shelter revealed that the innocent-looking feline was, in fact, a dangerous predator.

TikTok/@kyanashanaeThe puppy didn’t grow as it was expected to and ended up looking more like a Chihuahua than a Rottweiler[/caption]

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