How IDF could be drawn into Hamas ‘kill zones’ inside Gaza as snipers and hidden explosives lurk under airstrike rubble

How IDF could be drawn into Hamas ‘kill zones’ inside Gaza as snipers and hidden explosives lurk under airstrike rubble

ISRAELI forces could be lured into Hamas’ “kill zones” in the Gaza strip as the terror group moves through tunnels and hides explosives under airstrike rubble.

Experts have warned that leaked Hamas warfare plans reveal their chilling strategy for drawing IDF soldiers into traps.

AFPHamas is could be using underground tunnels and piles of rubble to move and stay hidden before pouncing on IDF troops[/caption]

EyevineExperts have warned that Israeli troops on the ground may be drawn into Hamas ‘kill zones’[/caption]

GettyThe terror group’s complex system of tunnels could be used to help them move covertly underground before ambushing IDF forces[/caption]

The extensive rubble, caused by ongoing airstrikes, provides an ideal cover for defensive snipers and hidden explosives.

And Hamas’ mysterious 311-mile maze of tunnels gives them the opportunity to cover vast amounts of ground and come up under the rubble when they plan to attack.

Analysts at the American Enterprise Institute have said Israel’s technique in warfare, using heavy air strikes followed by raids on the ground, could be weakened by this.

They have also warned that the bombed-out city will be difficult for Israeli forces to navigate on the ground.

Hamas terrorists are believed to be using this advantage to withdraw deeper and deeper into Gaza City, drawing Israeli forces into their “kill zones”.

Former US Army Colonel Joe Buccino thinks Hamas is using the method to weaken the Israeli army’s advantages with their superior technology.

“The IDF leadership understands that engaging in combat within densely populated urban areas and venturing underground will strip the Israeli military of most of its technological advantages, including advanced surveillance systems, sensors, and communications equipment.”

“That would offer Hamas an edge both above and below ground.”

Buccino added that the ground operation, Israel’s attempt to destroy Hamas a month on from the October 7 massacre, may take months.

“The senior IDF officers I spoke with believe the ground war in Gaza City will stretch for many months,” he revealed.

It comes as chilling satellite photos reveal just how the IDF plans to push back into Gaza in its attempt to destroy Hamas.

Their tanks, bulldozers and troops have pushed into the strip in an attempt to target Hamas commanders and infrastructure.

Israeli troops have already claimed to have split the besieged enclave in half after weeks of warfare.

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari on Monday declared: “Today, there is north Gaza and south Gaza.”

He insisted it was a “significant stage” in Israel’s progress against Hamas militants after 1,400 people were slaughtered in the terror groups’ attack.

In the past 24 hours, 450 Hamas targets in Gaza were struck by Israeli fighter jets as Israel continues its bombardment of enclave in retaliation for the massacre.

Senior Hamas commander Jamal Mussa – who headed the group’s special security operations – was among those killed, the IDF said.

Israel said its troops had also seized a militant compound and blasted hit “tunnels, terrorists, military compounds, observation posts, and anti-tank missile launch posts”

Israeli army spokesman Jonathan Conricus said: “We will take the fight to Hamas wherever they are – underground, above ground.

“We will be able to dismantle Hamas, stronghold after stronghold, battalion after battalion, until we achieve the ultimate goal, which is to rid the Gaza Strip – the entire Gaza Strip – of Hamas”.

Health officials in Hamas-controlled Gaza said more than 10,000 Palestinians have been killed in the war since it erupted on October 7.

Benjamin Netanyahu is refusing to allow a ceasefire until hostages are released – defying calls from Middle East leaders and the Pope amid concerns over the number of civilian deaths.

The Israeli president insisted: “Our enemies misjudged us. There will be no ceasefire without the return of the hostages.

“This should be completely removed from the lexicon. We say this to our friends and to our enemies.

“We will simply continue until we defeat them. We have no alternative.”

Twitter/OsinttechnicalSatellite images show the IDF’s strategy as they claim to have ‘split Gaza in half’[/caption]

AFPIsrael has been bombarding Gaza with airstrikes since the October 7 attacks[/caption]

AFPStrikes have reduced the city to rubble, which some experts believe could be used by Hamas to ambush IDF forces[/caption]

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