I live by Lebanon border – Hezbollah has the same massacre plan as Hamas brutes but with ten times the firepower

I live by Lebanon border – Hezbollah has the same massacre plan as Hamas brutes but with ten times the firepower

A SECURITY researcher living close to the Lebanon border says Hezbollah is plotting to recreate Hamas’ brutal massacre in Israel.

But Sarit Zehavi warned the Iran-backed terror group has ten times the firepower as Hamas – meaning a blitz could be even more deadly than October 7.

APHezbollah fighters carry out a training exercise in Aaramta village in the Jezzine District[/caption]

AlamySmoke rising after the Israeli bombing in Tayr Harfa, Lebanon[/caption]

Hamas terrorists unleashed carnage in Israel as they swept in on motorbikes, handgliders and bulldozers before massacring more than 1,200 in their homes and at a music festival almost a month ago.

Sarit, who is the CEO and founder of Alma – an independent research centre specialised in Israel‘s security challenges on its northern border – says Hezbollah could be on the verge of a similar slaughter.

She told The Sun: “It [Hezbollah] has the same operational plan as what we’ve seen on October 7th with Hamas.

“Hezbollah has a unit named the Red One Brigade, composed of a few thousands of experienced terrorists.

“Their mission, once they get the order, is to invade into the Israeli communities and cities up north where I live and kill Israelis and take them as hostages to become human shields.

“This is according to their plan, that they published.”

Hezbollah boasts a horrifying collection of weapons, including precision rockets and drones.

Sarit, who lives just 9km from the border, added: “In addition Hezbollah has ten times more firepower than Hamas.

“It has around 200,000 different kinds of munitions from mortars to missiles and rockets to various ranges.

“They have 65,000 missiles that can get to tens of kilometers.”

Israel considers Hezbollah an even bigger threat than Hamas, with the group heavily armed with weapons supplied by Iran.

One of Hezbollah’s most intimidating rockets is the “Katyusha” series – inspired by Soviet designs.

They have a range of up to 25 miles, can carry warheads of up to 28 miles and are difficult to intercept thanks to their short flight time and low trajectory.

Hezbollah’s rocket inventory also features much heavier rockets such as the Zelzal series.

With a range of up to 160 miles, they are able to blast targets much deeper in Israel and cause greater destruction.

Foreign powers have urged Hezbollah to stay put on the sidelines to stop a new front opening up and the raging conflict spilling into another country.

But for almost a month, Israeli forces and armed groups in Lebanon have exchanged cross-border fire.

Sarit said the border has not been quiet since the October 7 massacre – and she fears it could escalate.

She added: “It’s not a border of peace.

“Every day there are anti-tank missiles that are being launched by Hezbollah, or almost launched while the IDF succeed in getting to the squads and killing them before

“Every day there are mortars that are being launched.

“The IDF is retaliating and trying to prevent these terrorist attacks on a daily basis

“But it doesn’t seem that Hezbollah has any intention to stop.”

Last week, Hezbollah’s chief issued a chilling warning to Israel fuelling fears of an all-out-war in his first public address since the October 7 massacre.

Hassan Nasrallah insisted “all options are open” amid the brutal ongoing conflict as he warned that the battle has extended to “more than one front”.

And today, Brits have been warned not to travel to Lebanon while the Foreign Office has evacuated its staff from its embassy in the country as the “risk of civil unrest” ramps up.

Sarit has urged the Israeli government to act now before tensions escalate any further.

She said: “I understand that the Israeli Government is now focusing on the South, and it’s rightfully the priority.

“But I think that the Israeli Government must create a dialogue with the international community from today of what will be the future of Lebanon.

“Because for us we are no longer willing to sleep with the monster.

“And we can no longer take the risk of another massacre.

“We are fear for our children to have the same destiny of what happened in the South, and I’m saying that, and I feel the pains in my stomach.”

ReutersHezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah made a chilling warning of all-out-war[/caption]

The SunSarit Zehavi, CEO and founder of Alma, lives 9km from the Lebanon border[/caption]

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