Mum who was trolled for ‘straddling’ son in ‘sexualised’ pic posts ANOTHER cuddly snap with boy & says ‘go hug your kid’

Mum who was trolled for ‘straddling’ son in ‘sexualised’ pic posts ANOTHER cuddly snap with boy & says ‘go hug your kid’

A MUM who was trolled for wrapping her legs around her teenage son while hugging has posted another cuddly snap.

Amber Wright, 38, was slammed on social media after sharing a video of the overzealous embrace with her 16-year-old, Brixton.

Amber was slammed for sharing a video of her wrapping her legs around her teen sonInstagram

InstagramAmber Wright posted a cuddly snap with her 16-year-old on Brixton[/caption]

But that didn’t stop the proud mum, who posted her latest family picture on Saturday.

The snap shows Amber hugging Brixton after his last game of junior year with his American football team.

“I could not be more proud of this young man,” the 38-year-old wrote on Instagram.

“Each year I tell myself that I won’t cry when it ends.

“I keep thinking that the end of the season will get a little easier each time it happens, and instead, each year is a little more difficult.

“I LOVE this boy.”

Amber added: “I’m grateful for everything that football teaches and instils in these young men.

“Brixton’s coaches and his teammates’ fathers have become father figures to him, his teammates have become his brothers.

“This is FAMILY. This is LOVE. Now… go hug your kid.”

The mum-of-one had been trolled for “straddling” her son in a “sexualised” post.

Online users said the single mum, from the US, was acting more like the teen’s partner than his parent in the viral Instagram clip.

Her followers jumped from 1,900 to 19,000 as a result of the post, but Amber has also faced an almighty backlash for the hug.

In the footage, captured by her best friend, the Utah native is seen being held in the air by Brixton following a high school football game.

Clearly proud of her son’s performance, she locks him into a tight embrace while wrapping her legs around his waist.

The clip shows her nuzzling her face in the teen’s neck for several seconds as he strokes and pats her back.

Instead of her upload being flooded with heartwarming comments about the loving interaction, the mum said trolls have harassed her.

Some viewers blasted her behaviour as “inappropriate” and accused her of “straddling” her son in the clip which has over nine million views.

Amber later hit back at her haters by recreating the polarising pic – in a particularly raunchy Halloween costume this time.

Dressed in a short black skirt, cropped referee top, fishnet tights and knee-high boots, the mum can be seen straddling her pal Brett Nielsen – who is dressed in a football kit for Halloween.

Reminding her followers of the scandalous video she posted of her son, Amber chose to use the caption “Oops… did it again ”

InstagramAmber has recreated the controversial photo with a pal, wearing an even raunchier outfit[/caption]

InstagramShe hit back at trolls, saying that she was just being a loving mother[/caption]

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