Dramatic moment Putin’s newest warship is ‘destroyed by Ukrainian missile strike’ in humiliating blow for Russian tyrant

Dramatic moment Putin’s newest warship is ‘destroyed by Ukrainian missile strike’ in humiliating blow for Russian tyrant

VLADIMIR Putin’s newest warship has been blown up in a Ukrainian missile strike, video evidence appears to reveal.

The ultra-modern vessel, Askold, was blasted as huge explosions rocked a shipyard in annexed Crimea in yet another humiliation for the tyrant.

Footage appears to show the Askold being destroyed in a missile strikeEast2West

East2WestIt’s understood the blast has left the ship out of commission[/caption]

Dramatic footage appears to show three separate missile strikes – while another new image highlights huge damage to the newly-built naval warship. 

The blasts are believed to have been by SCALP-EGs – the French version of the Anglo-French Storm Shadow which has repeatedly caused damage to key Russian targets in recent months. 

Russia earlier admitted damage to a ship in the Kerch attack but did not specify the name. 

Now Ukrainian sources see the latest images of proof that they scored a hit and have put the Askold – a small missile ship capable of carrying eight Kalibr missiles – out of commission. 

The ship will be unable to go “on combat duty in the near future,” said Natalia Humeniuk, spokeswoman of Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command.

She added: “The blow was powerful.”

Initial reports of the damage came at the weekend but without hard proof. 

Videos showed missile strikes but from a distance. 

“I hope another ship has followed the Moskva,” Mykola Oleshchuk, commander of Ukraine’s Air Force, said at the time in a Telegram post, referring to the Russian Black Sea Fleet flagship sunk by Ukrainian missiles on April 14, 2022.

Ukrainian sources later indicated the destroyed vessel was the Kalibr-missile carrying 197ft-long Askold, which was poised to enter service, or one of two others of the same Karakurt class.  

Ukrainian air force spokesman Yuriy Ignat said: “The ship has not even taken part in sailing or combat yet – it was undergoing some final testing work, so that it could then go to sea and fight against our state.”

The Askold is a Project 22800 Karakurt warship, one of three being built at the Russian-occupied shipyard in Kerch. 

The other two are the Amur and Cyclone, and like the Askold were due in service this year. 

The loss of the Askold follows a strike that destroyed the Sevastopol headquarters of Putin’s Black Sea Fleet in a missile strike on 22 September.  

Nine days earlier Ukrainian missiles hit the £250 million Kilo-class attack submarine Rostov-on-Don and large landing ship Minsk in a repair shipyard in naval port Sevastopol.

Multiple warships have been damaged, the most embarrassing for Putin being the Moskva frigate – Black Sea Fleet flagship – which was sunk in a strike by Ukrainian Neptune missiles. 

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