I wore an inappropriate outfit on the school run – I had to step out of the car and my full-length look was shocking

I wore an inappropriate outfit on the school run – I had to step out of the car and my full-length look was shocking

A MUM was caught out after she wore a wildly inappropriate outfit to do the school run and was then forced to leave her vehicle.

She had previously thought she wouldn’t need to leave the car – which is why she opted for the unusual attire.

Tiktok – @lesbimumA mum on TikTok has shared details of an embarrassing situation she found herself in[/caption]

But – as the mum explains in a TikTok video – she was faced with the embarrassment of having to go out in public after she locked herself out of her house.

To the mum’s horror she had to walk through the school to retrieve the keys from her daughter and warned other parents to “Always dress as if you are going to leave the car.”

The video shows the mum dressed in a ginormous fluffy ‘oodie’ – a garment designed for lounging around the house – paired with socks and crocs – a serious fashion crime.

She explained that she couldn’t even take the jumper off to lessen the shame – as the t-shirt she was wearing underneath was far more inappropriate.

In the clip the mum reveals the shirt – that shows a cat on it next to a magnet to read “pussy magnet”.

It has viewers in a frenzy and has racked up more than 16,000 likes with followers quick to console her and share their own experiences in the comments section.

One tried to make the mum feel better and said: “Teacher here – I’ve had parents drop their kids off wearing their PJs on the regular. One I’m sure was wearing a neglige!”

While another found the saga hilarious, “The t-Shirt made me laugh so loud I startled my cat. This is amazing. I love all of it,” they said.

A third told of another similar embarrassing encounter and wrote: “Once my dad crashed his car while picking me up from the train at 11PM wearing only his sleeping shorts, I had to walk home to get his wallet.”

This is not the only outfit-related dramaq to make the news recently.

Yesterday we told how trolls mum-shamed a woman for her skimpy ‘outfits’ because she tells her kids to cover up.

Victoria, known online as @toriyav, responded to mum-shaming on her TikTok account.

In a video, she explained that she can wear revealing clothes because she’s an adult.

She said: “I can protect myself, my children cannot.

“Just because adults drink alcohol should kids be able to as well?”

Victoria has over 390,000 followers on TikTok where she regularly shares her parenting methods.

Tiktok – @lesbimumShe found herself walking through her daughter school dressed in the above outfit after she hadn’t expected to need to leave her car[/caption]

Tiktok – @lesbimumShe explained how she couldn’t take the ‘Oodie’ off because of her inappropriate t-shirt she wore underneath[/caption]

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